Drug Possession With Intent to Deliver

Were you simply in possession of an illegal drug or were you intending to deliver it to someone else? The police and prosecutors may say that you obviously planned to distribute marijuana to others even if you were growing one plant in your garage and you intended it for your own use. Their opinion can mean the difference between misdemeanor and felony charges.

Discuss charges of drug possession with intent to deliver with an experienced criminal defense attorney. Various factors can influence the severity of the charges you face:

  • Possession of large quantities of an illegal drug
  • Possession of illegal substances in close proximity to a school
  • Possession of an illegal drug as well as any type of firearm such as a shotgun

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Law Enforcement's Opinion Counts

When the police and prosecutors believe that you planned to distribute an illicit substance, the charges and potential penalties will be much greater than if they believe you possessed drugs for your own use.

Misdemeanor Or Felony?

A felony brings more severe penalties than a misdemeanor: probable jail time, loss of certain freedoms such as the right to bear arms, a criminal record that you will be asked to divulge the rest of your life whenever you apply for a job or apartment, difficulty flying or traveling abroad, and other negative consequences.

For all these reasons, it is important to fight for dismissal of charges or negotiate lesser charges when appropriate. For example, the police might have entered your property without probable cause, and thereby obtained evidence that should have been deemed inadmissible.

Search Warrants and Drug Crime Charges

Our attorneys will examine every angle if you face charges of drug possession with intent to deliver. We will assess whether search warrants were properly executed. If we believe there is cause to argue that evidence in your case should be suppressed, we will act quickly and aggressively to protect your rights. Your case may be dismissed as a result of a motion to suppress evidence.

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