Property Settlements

At Rubin, Glickman, Steinberg and Gifford, we handle a wide range of family law issues, including those involving the division of marital assets.

Pennsylvania is an equitable distribution state, meaning that marital assets are not simply divided 50/50. In establishing an equitable division of property, the court takes into consideration many factors, including:

  • Length of marriage
  • Current income of both spouses
  • Earning potential of both spouses
  • Contributions of each spouse to the marital property

Fault in the dissolution of marriage has no bearing on property division matters. Therefore, judges will not take factors such as infidelity into account when dividing the marital estate.

High Asset Property Division

For business owners, executives and other high-level professionals, property settlement issues are more complex and often more contentious. A closely held business, property holdings, stock options, retirement accounts and other assets must be correctly evaluated before a proper and equitable distribution can be made.

Our attorneys have handled numerous high-asset and high-complexity divorces for people throughout Montgomery County, Bucks County and Lehigh County. We handle every case with the utmost care and precision and are prepared to help you protect your assets and secure a stable financial future.

Property Settlements

One of the most important legal issues arising from every divorce is the division of property. Whether you were the primary wage earner in the marriage or contributed in other ways, it is important that your assets are protected and your contributions to the household are reflected in your property division arrangement. If you are facing a property settlement issue, the experienced attorneys at Rubin, Glickman, Steinberg and Gifford are here to stand up for your rights.

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