Pennsylvania's Sex Offender Registry Laws

Any criminal conviction comes with penalties that can have long-term consequences. However, the criminal penalties associated with crimes of a sexual nature are particularly far-reaching and life-altering.

If you are facing criminal charges for a sex crime, you likely have many questions about Pennsylvania's sex registry laws and concerns about how being forced to register will impact your life. At Rubin, Glickman, Steinberg and Gifford, our attorneys provide a strong defense for individuals who are accused of committing sex crimes, including:

  • Sexual assault
  • Solicitation of a minor
  • Child pornography
  • Sexual exploitation of a minor
  • Prostitution
  • Sex abuse

Sex Offender Registry Requirements

Pennsylvania's Megan's Law requires that individuals, who are convicted of certain sex crimes, provide personal identifying information to be included in the state's sex offender registry, including:

  • Recent photograph
  • Full legal name and any aliases
  • Residential address
  • License plate and vehicle registration numbers
  • Name and address of workplace or school
  • Email address and other internet usernames

Sex offender registry information for some registrants is available in a searchable online database and community notifications are issued in cases where a registrant is labeled as being a sexually violent predator or a sexually violent delinquent child.

Depending on the type of offense, registrants must also physically appear at a validated registration or verification site one to four times per year for a period of 15 years to life. Individuals who fail to register, report changes to registration information or appear in person will face additional criminal charges.

Strong Defense Against Sex Crimes Charges

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