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June 2010 Archives

Student Sues Pennsylvania School District After Cellphone Seized

Teenagers are notorious for failing to follow rules and for pushing boundaries. And as a Scranton-area teenager, identified only as N.N., has discovered, there can be very real consequences for what might seem like a childish lark. N.N.'s cell phone was confiscated by her teacher at school when she was caught using it, and the principal found nude photos of her on the phone. She was suspended.

Should I Consult With An Attorney Before Being Interviewed By The Police?

Frequently I am asked the above question.  The answer is almost always "yes".  If the police call you and request you go to their station to discuss a matter in which someone has accussed you of criminal activity, before granting the interview consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney.  The police have a report that you or maybe your child has done something criminal.  Their information may be incomplete or suspect and your interview will fill in the gaps in the complaining party's story.

child pornography

   The internet has made communications of pictures and writings around the world almost instantaneous.  Large quantities of information can be accessed with a few clicks of a mouse.  Many times uninvited information appears on our screen and thus on our hard drive. 

Why Hire a Board Certified Trial Lawyer?

When people who need medical care look for a doctor, they look to find a board certified doctor to provide specialist services.  Break your leg, and you look for a board certified orthopedist.  Have a heart condition, and you look for a board certified cardiologist.  The board certification means that the doctor passed a rigorous exam, and has the experience to provide the best medical care in the specialty. 

State Parole

 An individual under state parole supervision can be detained without bail pending the outcome of new criminal charges.  Although one can post bail for the new criminal charges, you still will not be released because the parole warrant also called a "detainer" keeps you in custody.  The question arises should I post bail for a new criminal charge if I am not going to gain my freedom?

What's Happening to the Right to Remain Silent?

In a recent Supreme Court of the United States decision, BERGHUIS V. THOMPKINS, the Supreme Court ruled that a suspect needs to affirmatively invoke the Right to Remain Silent, narrowing the scope of MIRANDA V. ARIZONA, the landmark case which interpreted the US Constitution to give us the right to remain silent in 1966.  Now you must tell the police "I want to remain silent".

New child/spousal support rules make a difference.

At a recent hearing for spousal support, I believed a real injustice was being done to my client, and thought I'd try using one of the new support rules to rectify it.  This was the situation.  My client, a young woman who had worked hard in her job as a sales assistant for a large retail store, had earned herself a top management position and a nice income to go along with the long hours, and extensive travel.  Her marriage of less than one year broke up due in part to the demands of her employment.  Her husband, who hadn't had a full time job during the marriage, filed for divorce and spousal support.  He wanted to drag out the divorce for as long as he could, in order to collect over 2 years of spousal support from my client. 

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