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   The internet has made communications of pictures and writings around the world almost instantaneous.  Large quantities of information can be accessed with a few clicks of a mouse.  Many times uninvited information appears on our screen and thus on our hard drive. 

   Child pornography is easily available on the internet.  Law enforcement aggressively monitors the internet to catch those who traffic in child pornography and those who view it.  Child pornography at times is placed in files composed of and advertised as legal adult pornography.  Once it is placed on a hard drive it remains there available to be discovered.  The police use computer programs that detect child pornography embedded in legal files. At times this can result in criminal charges against people unaware of the existence of these pictures on their computer. 

   AOL and other internet providers monitor internet traffic and report child pornography to the approiate police departments.  People who transmit CP are aware of law enforcements efforts and look for ways not to have their activities traced back to them.  One popular method is to locate an unprotected wireless connection.  Since all communications are traced back to an IP address and usually not to a particular computer, someone dealing in CP can drive through any neighborhood and find an unsecured wireless hookup to the internet.  Seated in their car with their laptop, once an unsecured hookup is located, they are free to transmit and receive CP.  If it is detected by the internet provider and reported to police all communications will be traced back to the IP address found by the guy in his car.  If the police then secure a search warrant they will go to the suspected IP address and siuze computer equipment for a forsenic analysis.  If the person happens to have legal pornography with hidden CP inside the police forsenic analysis will find it.  And the person who was not involved in any illegal activity will be facing criminal charges that usually involve prison and sex offenders registration.

   Always password protect your wireless IP. 

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