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October 2012 Archives

Should certain dog breeds be considered dangerous without proof?

When a person is bit by a dog, the results can vary widely. Some may be nipped and hurt for a moment without any breaching of the skin. Others may become the victim of a dog bite and need hours of surgery to repair the damage that has been done. Owners are often held liable for the damage that has occurred to the person but according to some laws, landlords may also be held liable.

Bank Robberies May Be Based on Addiction, Not Money

People may see bank robbers as desperate individuals who are strapped for cash, or greedy opportunists who don't think about making an honest living. While these notions may have some attached to them, money (or the lack thereof) is rarely the single factor in bank robberies. In fact, it could be the manifestation of an addiction.

One Consent Wiretap Law coming

As a result of a case tried in Montgomery County by top criminal lawyer, Marc Robert Steinberg, the law of the Commonwealth regarding wiretaps has been changed in a new Act which will be signed by Governor Corbett.  The old law required two-party consent before a recording by use of electronic means would be allowed in criminal court.  Now, only  one-party consent will be necessary.  As an example, in the Montgomery County case which was used to convince the legislators, the defendant's daughter used her cell phone to record her father sexually abusing her.  That recording was not allowed to be used at trial against the father because it violated the Wiretap Law.  Now, with the passage of the new law, that recording would be admissible in a criminal case against the father to prove that the assault actually happened.  The law will allow police and prosecutors to use this evidence even if the father did not give his consent to be recorded. 

Montgomery County Woman Charged with Cyber-Harassment

The use of online social media sites to harass or intimidate has become a national issue after a number of suicides and incidents stemming from online harassment have been prosecuted in criminal courts. In Montgomery County, a woman who allegedly unleashed a tirade of angry posts on Twitter has been charged with stalking and harassment.

Attorneys want change for breed-specific dog laws

A segment of the American Bar Association recently voted on a subject that may create a debate: laws prohibiting certain breeds of dogs. The Tort Trial and Insurance Practice Section of the ABA will begin urging state and local legislators to repeal breed-discriminating laws and replace them with breed-neutral laws.

Philadelphia Cop May Face Criminal Charges After Striking Woman

The video of a Philadelphia police officer striking an unarmed woman during the city's Puerto Rican Day parade has gone viral over the Internet, and could result in criminal assault charges being levied. As reported by CBSPhilly.com, Lieutenant Jonathan Josey of the Philadelphia Police Department was identified as the officer who hit the woman in the face, which knocked her to the ground. Josey then handcuffed her and she was led away by two other officers.

Bus driver barred from underinsured motorist benefits

According to some, the most common cause for a workplace injury is a motor vehicle accident. Many people drive vehicles for work in Pennsylvania and in one case, a man was denied the insurance benefits for an underinsured motorist under his personal coverage while he was driving a bus for the Berks Area Reading Transit Authority.

Two DUI crashes result in jail time for lawyer

A 47-year-old woman from Whitpain, Pennsylvania, has been sentenced by a judge for two crashes she was involved in. Allegedly, the woman had consumed alcohol before the crashes that occurred in 2009 and 2010, causing both to be considered drunk driving accidents. The woman, a criminal defense lawyer, pleaded guilty to two counts of driving under the influence of alcohol in connection with the two crashes.

Designer Drugs: Synthetic Does Not Mean Legal

In an age of rapid innovation, designer drugs have reshaped the science of getting high, as well as redefined what constitutes drug crimes in Pennsylvania today. Substances such as synthetic marijuana and compounds that mimic LSD, cocaine, and methamphetamines, known as "bath salts" have historically been available to purchase over the counter at local head-shops and on internet websites.

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