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February 2013 Archives

Deli worker accused of selling marijuana to undercover Lansdale cop

Last week, a Bucks County man was arrested for allegedly selling marijuana to an undercover police officer from Lansdale. Police began investigating the man two months ago when they were told that an employee at a local deli was involved in selling marijuana.

Pennsylvania mining company has three fatalities in four months

The dangers of the coal mining industry have been underscored by a number of deaths that have occurred in recent months. According to reports, workplace accidents have killed three workers for a Pennsylvania-based energy company in the past four months. Workers for other companies have also been killed, making this year a fatal one for coal miners.

Unprotected anonymous Free Speech may lead to civil litigation

Be careful what you post on the Internet as it may lead to a lawsuit and complicated civil litigation.  We all know that our anonymous postings are protected by the First Amendment right to free and protected speech.  But not everything we say is protected.  We all know you can't go into a movie theater and yell, "Fire!".  That type of speech can lead to harm to many, and the law does not protect it.  In the same fashion, the law does not protect defamatory speech.  If you post that someone has committed a crime or has been unfaithful to a spouse, you may find yourself the subject of a lawsuit to learn your identity, and to seek and recover money damages from you.  Your homeowners insurance will not cover you, which means you may have to pay hard earned money for a moment of irrational thought calling someone a criminal or a cheat, when it is not true.  There are means of discovering who you are through the internet by asking your Internet Providers (IP) to disclose your identity.  So beware!  Be careful what you post about someone, and don't think you can get away with hiding behind the anonymity of the Internet to protect you.  The case law in Pennsylvania in this civil litigation area is just developing in this area, and the lawyers at Rubin Glickman Steinberg and Gifford are in the forefront of the emerging legal developments.

When "truths" are exposed as lies

Social media and text messages have provided a new avenue of evidence for prosecutors and defense attorneys alike to find information to support their cases. In many instances, Facebook posts, Twitter rants and text messages are seen as genuine because they are often made spontaneously. Also, investigators can find the exact time the statements were made, and there is little ambiguity about what is said.

Police apprehend alleged drunk driver after leaving crash scene

Police in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania, recently reported an intoxicated driver that led an officer in a chase. The supposedly intoxicated man could have caused a devastating drunk driving accident, according to witnesses. He nearly hit several pedestrians during the chase, all of them lucky that they were not injured. Authorities said that the driver was involved in a minor accident before the chase, one that he had supposedly fled the scene from.

The Elusive Bread and Butter License

I wish I had a nickel for every time I was asked about the existence of a "bread and butter" license. For uninitiated, a "bread and butter" license is a limited driver's license. It allows the holder to drive to and from work or school but only to those places. As a criminal defense attorney in Montgomery and Bucks Counties, many of my clients come to me seeking representation for charges which carry driver's license suspensions. Every one of my DUI clients, and every client facing the suspension of their driving privileges, always wants to know whether they can get the elusive "bread and butter" license.

Former Philly Traffic Court judges admit to "fixing" tickets

The old adage "membership has it is privileges" is probably best remembered as an advertising jingle for regular Americans to purchase big ticket items or engage in the spoils that only the ultra rich can enjoy. In reality, it could also mean that you could take advantage of certain perks of the high life: courtside seats at an NBA game, standing reservations at the best steakhouse, and getting traffic tickets fixed.

Couple that celebrated 63 years of marriage dies in car accident

Two people are dead after an accident that occurred in Altoona, Pennsylvania. The car crash occurred around 4 p.m. and took the lives of a married couple that was in their 80s. According to reports, the couple had celebrated their wedding anniversary the day before the incident - they were married for more than six decades, a total of 63 years. The crash occurred at the intersection of 31st Street and Union Avenue.

OSHA issues new citations to painting company

A subcontractor for PennDOT is in hot water after the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration recently proposed new fines against the entity. The company works for the state Department of Transportation, performing bridge maintenance in the form of painting. Panthera Painting Inc. is based in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania. Citations are often issued to companies that leave their workers exposed to heightened risks of workplace injury.

Diet drinks...easy on the waist, hard on the head

The proliferation of diet drinks into the alcoholic beverage industry has inspired a new market. Drinks suited for young women who want to maintain their figures. Perhaps the most popular is the Skinnygirl product line released by Bethenny Frankel. Outside of officially licensed drinks, more people are including diet sodas to create mixed drinks, ostensibly to reduce their caloric intake.

Another Reason to Hire an Attorney in a Divorce

I recently had an interesting situation occur which I thought would be important for prospective divorce clients to hear about. Unfortunately, this is not the first time I have heard of this sort of thing happening which makes it even more important to alert people about it.

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