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December 2013 Archives

Philadelphia car accident injures 2 victims

Each time a person choose to operate a motor vehicle, they put themselves at risk for an accident. With so many vehicles on the road today, even the most cautious driver can become the victim of another person's negligent behavior. Unfortunately, it often seems that some do not understand the responsibility associated with operating such a dangerous piece of equipment. A recent car accident in Philadelphia may prove to be a perfect example.

A Pennsylvania man injures 2 in a hit-and-run car accident

Operating a motor vehicle comes with a certain level of responsibility. Most people understand their obligation to themselves as well as their fellow motorists when they drive. Still, the possibility for a car accident to occur is an unfortunate reality. Avoiding involvement in that reality could be as simple as being observant and following the rules of the road designed to keep traffic moving along safely.

Pennsylvania woman arrested for stealing from hospital

When employees in Pennsylvania and other states are given access to a significant amount of money, it can be tempting for them to steal some of it for themselves, hoping that no one will notice. However, most companies and organizations routinely audit their financial information for signs of fraud and other forms of white collar crime, and people who steal funds from their employer are often caught.

Pennsylvania dram shop liability case settles for $6.6 million

Pennsylvania law allows for restaurants or bars that over-serve a patron to be held liable for injuries or deaths that result from that intoxicated patron's reckless behavior. This area of the law is known as dram shop liability. Property owners who host parties and over-serve guests can also be held liable if an intoxicated guest goes on to injure someone else.

Law enforcement raid Wallingford home, arrest 3 for drug possession

Many young Pennsylvanians, especially those in larger cities, choose to share houses or apartments as a way to lower living expenses and build friendships. Under these conditions, it may be easy for some people to pick up habits, good or bad, from their roommates. Unfortunately, people who are addicted to illegal drugs may influence those around them. In some cases, they may find themselves in need of drug crime defense.

Sex Crimes Offender Registration Does Not Apply

The Superior Court of Pennsylvania ruled on December 12, 2013, that the registration requirements under SORNA, the Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act, did not apply to a Defendant who pleaded guilty before SORNA became effective on December 20, 2012, and was not subject to registration under Megan's Law as a result of the guilty plea to sex crimes.  In the case of Commonwealth vs. Hainesworth, the Superior Court rendered its decision based on contract law, and not upon constitutional grounds or upon grounds of retroactivity of the new law.  The Court said that Hainesworth had entered into a contract to plead guilty of crimes which had no Megan's Law implications, and therefore, he was entitled to the benefit of his guilty plea bargain and did not have to now register as a sex offender.

Pennsylvania considering legislation to collect DNA samples upon arrest

Law enforcement in Pennsylvania use many tools to help them track down people who may be guilty of a crime. Although it’s their job to find and arrest people who have committed sex crimes, drug crimes, and other serious offenses, it’s also important for them to follow the limits established in the state and federal constitutions.

Slip and fall at Lansdale ACME store leads to lawsuit

A woman who slipped down in an ACME store in Lansdale, Pennsylvania, has sued ACME Markets and SuperValu Inc. According to a lawsuit filed by the woman and her husband, a liquid substance on the floor of the store's shampoo and soap aisle caused the woman to slip and fall. She suffered injuries in her leg and ankle, and she was eventually diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.

Hospital technician infects at least 46 people with hepatitis C

When Pennsylvanians become addicted to alcohol and illegal drugs, their judgment is often impaired. They may make decisions that contradict their personal morals. Nevertheless, their actions sometimes cause severe harm to victims, and they’re typically penalized for the pain and suffering they caused, and they may find themselves in need of drug crime defense.

Husband and wife awarded $2.25 million after PA work accident

In Pennsylvania, if you have been injured in the course of your employment, you are entitled to workers' compensation. Unfortunately, though, sometimes employers try to delay or deny the compensation that an injured worker needs. To ensure that they receive the full measure of compensation for injuries, many workers take legal action and consult with a workers' compensation attorney.

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