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April 2015 Archives

Pennsylvania lawsuit alleges negligence at McDonald's

A Pennsylvania couple has asked for a lawsuit that was filed against a New York McDonald's and its Connecticut owner to be transferred to a U.S. District Court in Philadelphia. The incident occurred in November 2012. According to the lawsuit, negligence resulted in multiple injuries.

How does the sex offender registry work in Pennsylvania?

Most states in the nation have some form of programs which require people convicted of sex crimes to register. Pennsylvania is among those states. The stated intent of these programs is to increase public safety by providing information to the general public that informs if a registered sex offender lives or works in their neighborhoods. People who face sex crime charges should understand what this program in Pennsylvania requires and how it works.

Philadelphia family accused of insurance fraud after estate fires

With today’s sophisticated and increasingly easy-to-use technology so prevalent, it is not uncommon to see headlines about white collar crimes such as identity theft or Ponzi schemes. However, many people can find themselves accused of a white collar crime simply by being in the wrong place at the wrong time. It is also possible for an employer to convince an employee to unwittingly participate in shady dealings, especially if the person accused is kept in the dark about what’s really going on. Unfortunately, this may lead to innocent people in Philadelphia being charged with a serious crime.

Pennsylvania accidents can be fatal

A fatal car crash occurred on Interstate 81 near the Maryland Border in Franklin County on April 5. According to officials, three people were killed in the incident. The southbound lanes of I-81 had to be closed down for about three hours following the accident.

Sexual assault case against priest to be dropped

People who are accused of any form of criminal activity in Pennsylvania can often feel as though they have few options for a successful defense. This can be the case for those facing sex crime charges, drug charges or other such criminal charges. However, it is important to note that the defense process is a vital part of our nation’s judicial system and defendants do have rights and opportunities.

Ineffective counsel may allow you to appeal a conviction

A criminal conviction can be disheartening and even frightening. Once you've received a guilty verdict, what happens next? Is a conviction always set in stone? There may be some instances in which you can appeal your conviction. The Philadelphia attorneys at Rubin, Glickman, Steinberg & Gifford, P.C., have a full understanding of the criminal appeals process. We know about the circumstances that may allow you to question your trial or conviction.

Alcohol tax increase may reduce car crashes

According to a recent study, fatal alcohol-related car crashes went down by 26 percent after a 2009 alcohol tax increase in Illinois. The number of fatal alcohol-related crashes declined by 37 percent among younger drivers, and crashes involving impaired drivers declined by 22 percent after the tax increase. It is believed that similar tax increases in Pennsylvania and other states could save thousands of lives each year.

Second chance possible for drunk driver with first-time DUI

It is possible for some people to get a second chance after receiving DUI charges. This chance is often welcomed by Pennsylvania residents who are facing serious drunk driving penalties. A drunk driving conviction can affect a person for years. It can also be difficult for a person to keep a job or go to school after a DUI conviction, since a DUI often results in the loss of a driver’s license.

What are the consequences of a first DUI in Pennsylvania?

Nearly everyone knows that there are laws against drunk driving in Philadelphia, as well as throughout Pennsylvania. These laws are not only meant to protect others from those who are drinking and driving, but to get help for people who may have an alcohol problem. The laws regarding drunk driving are not as severe in Pennsylvania as they are in many other states, but the potential consequences you may face can still be costly.

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