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July 2015 Archives

What are your rights at Pennsylvania DUI checkpoints?

Each year, a number of people are arrested on suspicion of drunk driving in Pennsylvania, and throughout the U.S. The state’s Department of Transportation reports that more than 52,600 people were arrested on DUI charges in 2014 alone. For some, these arrests came after being stopped at DUI checkpoints. In order to ensure you are protected from an undeserved arrest, it behooves you to understand your rights when you are stopped at such checkpoints.

Man arrested in Pittsburgh after undercover crystal meth buy

Often, law enforcement agencies throughout Pennsylvania send undercover officers out to purchase or sell drugs. Following these transactions, authorities often take people into custody and charge them with drug trafficking or other drug crimes. If convicted of such offenses, those charged could face severe consequences, including possible jail or prison time.

A Simple Guide to Pennsylvania Consumer Protection Law

Pennsylvania residents often overlook a very powerful tool at their disposal - the Pennsylvania Unfair Trade Practices and Consumer Protection Law ("UTPCPL"). In simple terms, the law gives people who buy goods or services for personal, family, or household purposes a way to privately sue businesses for illegal behavior and even for behavior that is deceptive or predatory. The behavior prohibited by this law is broken out into twenty-one categories. The Pennsylvania legislature was generous enough to make the twenty-first category broad enough to encompass almost any scenario: "any other fraudulent or deceptive conduct which creates a likelihood of confusion or of misunderstanding." Perhaps the most attractive part of the law is the ability of people to request the following: up to three times their actual damages, the fees used to pay for their attorney, and the court costs for filing the action. To sum, this law levels the playing field between individual consumers and more powerful businesses.

Robots and workplace safety in Pennsylvania

As companies transition from human workers to robots performing tasks in the workplace, OSHA is keeping its eye on potential safety issues. Companies that don't have comprehensive safety plans related to working with robots could be at risk for receiving OSHA citations. Although current regulations may be 15 years old or older, the organization believes that they provide an adequate regulatory framework for employers to follow.

Pennsylvania white collar crimes: What is embezzlement?

Sometimes, people in Pennsylvania are charged with monitoring or managing the assets of other people or groups as a part of their job responsibilities. If they improperly use those funds or property for their own personal gain, it may qualify as embezzlement. In order to protect themselves from this type of charge, it behooves people to understand what constitutes embezzlement.

OSHA's guidelines on enclosed spaces

There are many circumstances under which Pennsylvania employees may be directed to enter an enclosed space during their work day. In 1993, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration established a set of standards for safety in enclosed spaces, defining what an enclosed space is and how it should be maintained. The agency has recently adopted a new set of standards specifically targeting construction sites as in need of requiring special consideration and different forms of supervision.

Texting beats drinking among hazards for teen drivers

Teens in Pennsylvania need to be cautioned about texting while driving and not just the standard admonishment to not drink and drive. Although intoxication remains a killer of teenagers behind the wheel, at approximately 2,000 deaths per year, the distraction caused by texting on mobile devices now contributes to about 3,000 car accident deaths among teenagers every year.

Plum teacher facing sexual assault, other charges

Teachers in Pennsylvania, and elsewhere, often have close relationships with their students. However, should feelings develop and lead to an intimate relationship, the teacher could face serious criminal charges. Even just an accusation of this type could significantly impact a person’s personal life and future employment opportunities.

Samsung develops unique idea for preventing truck accidents

Driving in the proximity of semi trucks can produce a lot of anxiety and challenges for Pennsylvania motorists, but Samsung has found one possible solution to help drivers navigate the road safely when following large trucks. The company came up with an idea for a "safety truck" that allows drivers to navigate their way around big rigs by being able to see past them.

Understanding Pennsylvania’s Post Conviction Relief Act

Due to issues with the criminal justice system, ineffective counsel and a number of other reasons, you may feel that you were not treated fairly during your trial. In certain circumstances, you may be able to seek post-conviction relief from the court. At Rubin, Glickman, Steinberg & Gifford, P.C., we are often asked what you can do about an unfair trial. In this post then, we will discuss the state’s Post Conviction Relief Act, or PRCA.

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