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What are the penalties for embezzlement in Pennsylvania?

In the state of Pennsylvania, embezzlement is considered a serious criminal offense. As such, being convicted of this crime may carry serious penalties, with lasting repercussions. In order to protect their rights, and their futures, it is important for those who have been charged with this white collar crime to understand the potential consequences.

Dealing with hazardous materials in healthcare facilities

Many Pennsylvania health care workers are aware that bloodborne pathogens are major hazards and that there are proper protocols that must be followed to prevent them from causing harm. However, there are many other hazardous materials that workers may come into contact with, including products and chemicals that are used to clean and sanitize equipment. In order to prevent injuries, employers are responsible for teaching health care workers how to identify and avoid potential workplace hazards.

An overview of child pornography charges in Pennsylvania

In today’s computer age, pictures, videos and other information on people’s electronic devices is easily accessible. If images that are of a sexually explicit nature, which involve children, are obtained from your computer or phone, you could face child pornography charges. Such allegations often have a devastating impact on those who they are made against, as well as their families. In order to protect your rights and your future, it behooves you to understand what constitutes child pornography in the state of Pennsylvania.

Electronic logs to be mandated for truckers

Large trucks are a frequent sight on Pennsylvania roadways. Given the nature of the job that truckers do, it is a requirement that operators keep a trucking log to record how long they have been driving. Whereas drivers have grown accustomed to logging their driving hours by hand, new technology is changing the way logging is done.

What are the levels of DUI in Pennsylvania?

In Pennsylvania, there is a tiered approach to driving under the influence charges. Thus, the types of penalties you may face if convicted of drunk driving in the state vary based on numerous factors. These include your blood alcohol content level and your prior record. In order to ensure that your rights are protected, it is important for you to understand the levels of DUI, and the potential consequences.

Electrocution and electric shock in the workplace

Most of the electric shocks suffered by Pennsylvania residents from time to time are low voltage and do not require medical attention, but electricity can be extremely dangerous. According to the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, one-tenth of an ampere of current running through the body can be deadly after just two seconds, and data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics reveals that accidents involving electricity killed 156 American workers in 2014.

Easton man charged with possession with intent, other offenses

In an effort to avoid drug charges, people in Philadelphia, and throughout Pennsylvania, may attempt to hide or discard potentially incriminating evidence. However, this may be seen as an effort to tamper with evidence or resist arrest. Consequently, it may only add to the potential charges they face, and hinder their drug crime defense.

2 injured in Pennsylvania truck accident

A collision between a truck and one other vehicle shut down Schuylkill Expressway in both directions between Girard Avenue and Montgomery Drive. The accident occurred at 10 p.m. on Dec. 2, and police say the truck was going westbound when it crossed into an eastbound lane and collided with a vehicle.

Exonerees face innumerable challenges upon release from prison

Sometimes, the criminal justice system fails people in Pennsylvania, and elsewhere, and they are convicted of crimes they did not commit. Through the criminal appeals process, however, some may see these convictions overturned. The National Registry of Exonerations reports that 1,707 people have been exonerated in the U.S. as of December 1, 2015. Despite having their names cleared, many exonerees face numerous challenges after they are released from prison.

Reducing driving risks

It may not be difficult for a Pennsylvania motorist to recognize that less time on the roads means less potential for accidents. However, the idea of cutting a mile from the route between home and work might seem inadequate to make much difference in accident statistics. The reality is that a reduction of 1 mile from the route equates to an estimated 500 fewer miles driven per year. On a national scale, similar changes being implemented in all households could represent a reduction of nearly 2 percent in auto-related fatalities per year.

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