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March 2016 Archives

State aims to toughen DUI penalties

Drivers in Pennsylvania who have been arrested and charged with some type of impaired driving offense know that the state's consequences for these things can be severe. Almost every aspect of a driver's life can be impacted by a drunk driving conviction. Understanding how the law continues to evolve in this area is important for all drivers.

Social media can reveal workers' compensation fraud

The National Insurance Crime Bureau reports that fraud among workers' compensation claims costs insurers and employers about $7.2 billion every year. Pennsylvania workers could be interested to learn that insurers are turning to social media and surveillance to detect dishonest workers.

Drug investigation leads to arrest of city ward leader

Most Pennsylvania residents have read or seen media stories about people arrested for various crimes. These stories often seem to make it easy for readers or viewers to get the impression that the accused person is always guilty. That, however, is not an accurate representation. Our nation's laws require that every person be assumed innocent until or unless he or she is proven guilty. This is so regardless of the defendant's social, economic or public status.

Determining whether an injury happened at work

Each year in Pennsylvania, a number of workers are injured while on the job or as a result of their work conditions. While it is easy to determine that some injuries happened at work, such as a broken bone, other injuries require additional evidence showing they happened because of a person's occupation.

What is the process for a DUI breath test in Pennsylvania?

Like any driver in Pennsylvania, you could be asked by law enforcement to submit to a breath test after you have been stopped for another reason. If this happens, you should know that officers are required to follow specific procedures when conducting these tests.

Crane safety on Pennsylvania construction sites

A crane may not be an unusual sight at a large-scale construction project in Pennsylvania. However, people may be unaware that there is not a national system for certifying operators for crane-related work. Because of their size, crane accidents can have serious consequences, and the majority of such incidents are attributed to human error.

What is an ignition interlock device?

If you have been arrested and charged with a drunk driving offense in Pennsylvania, you will want to understand the consequences you may face if you are ultimately convicted. In addition to financial penalties and incarceration, you may be required to install an ignition interlock device into your vehicle. An IID is considered more of a preventative consequence than a punitive one. The goal of an IID is to proactively guard against any repeat offenses.

Self-driving vehicle partly to blame for minor crash

Pennsylvania residents who have been following the development of autonomous driving technology may have heard that on Feb. 14, a Google self-driving car became involved in an accident with a Mountain City, California, bus. The company stated that the self-driving vehicle was at least partially responsible for the accident.

National data shows increase in car accident deaths

Pennsylvania motorists may not know that there has been an increase in car accident deaths. Analysts compared car accident data from the first nine months of 2015 to car accident data from the first nine months of 2014 and found a 9.3 percent increase in traffic fatalities. The recent rise in traffic fatalities followed several years of slow but steady declines.

Narcotics and heroin reduce pain, increase prison population

After suffering an injury, many people in Pennsylvania head to the doctor for treatment, which frequently includes a prescription for pain medication. This is often necessary to be able to function somewhat normally while undergoing physical therapy or other rehabilitation. However, if the doctor is not monitoring the situation closely, a temporary dependence on an opioid medication, also known as a narcotic, could turn into a serious substance abuse problem.

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