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Workers Compensation Benefits for Injuries Sustained in a Traffic Accident

Employees who travel as a condition of employment are entitled to workers compensation benefits for injuries resulting from a traffic accident. Even if the employee was the cause of the accident, he is still eligible to recover workers compensation benefits, which include medical coverage and wage loss. It does not matter whether you are driving your personal vehicle, the employer's vehicles, a rental car, or hired transportation.

What Not To Do After A Car Accident

From a distracted driver who rear-ends your car at a traffic light to a drunk driver who sideswipes your vehicle as you travel down the highway, traffic accidents can happen anywhere and to anyone. During 2014 alone, highway patrol officers throughout Pennsylvania responded to more than 121,000 reports of traffic accidents which sent nearly 80,000 people to hospitals and claimed the lives of 1,317.

Men face vehicular homicide charges after street race

Two young Pennsylvania men have been ordered to stand trial on involuntary manslaughter and vehicular homicide charges in connection with a 2015 street race that left three young people dead and a teen seriously injured. The two 20-year-olds are said to have been behind the wheels of a Chevrolet Impala and an Acura TL that raced each other at speeds of nearly 100 mph in a Northeast Philadelphia business park on July 29, 2015.

Summer driving risks with teens increase

As the school term ends for the summer, Pennsylvania families may be focused on planning vacations and other activities as they take advantage of the break. With free time on their hands, teenagers often focus on social activities as well as summer employment. However, it is also important to revisit basic driving safety concepts as the season begins to reduce the risk of serious or even deadly car accidents. AAA considers the period between Memorial Day and the return to school to be the deadliest 100 days of the year on the roads.

Improving economy linked to likelihood of automobile accidents

Many Pennsylvania drivers are well aware of the emotional and financial impacts inherent in automobile accidents. Costs associated with medical attention and car repair are compounded by the time and income lost from work. Unfortunately, when the economy is good, there is a higher number of vehicle accidents on U.S. roads.

Auto insurance and self-driving cars

The insurance industry in Pennsylvania and across the country may well feel that it is under existential threat. Self-driving cars are very close to being available to the public, and they bring with them the promise of fewer automobile accidents. Self-driving vehicles have stellar safety characteristics so far, with absolutely no fatality or injury accidents after test-driving for millions of miles. This is good news for every single American who uses the roads, but it poses the possibility of devastation to the insurance industry.

Distractions and hands-free driving

Although Pennsylvania roads may be safer as motorists refrain from activities such as texting or using hand-held smartphones while driving, distractions can occur in spite of these efforts. Statistics suggest that a majority of motorists believe that today's engineering with technology devices incorporated into the dash implies that these tools are safe. However, the use of these tools is more a matter of convenience than safety because the engagement of the brain is still distracting.

Self-driving vehicle partly to blame for minor crash

Pennsylvania residents who have been following the development of autonomous driving technology may have heard that on Feb. 14, a Google self-driving car became involved in an accident with a Mountain City, California, bus. The company stated that the self-driving vehicle was at least partially responsible for the accident.

National data shows increase in car accident deaths

Pennsylvania motorists may not know that there has been an increase in car accident deaths. Analysts compared car accident data from the first nine months of 2015 to car accident data from the first nine months of 2014 and found a 9.3 percent increase in traffic fatalities. The recent rise in traffic fatalities followed several years of slow but steady declines.

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