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What is patronizing a prostitute and what are the consequences?

Like others in Pennsylvania, you may believe you cannot get in legal trouble for prostitution if you are not the one who is getting paid for sex. However, this is not the case. Being involved in one way or another with prostitutes may lead to criminal charges. One such offense is patronizing a prostitute.

An overview of prostitution in the state of Pennsylvania

People in Pennsylvania may believe their bodies are their own, and thus, they can do what they want with them. However, certain acts, such as prostitution, are prohibited by state law. Consequently, engaging in such activities could lead to criminal charges. In order to protect themselves, it is important for people to understand the state’s prostitution laws.

Bill Cosby asks judge to toss Pennsylvania sex assault charges

There are statutes of limitations on criminal charges, including sex offenses. This means that the authorities have a certain amount of time in order to file criminal charges against people. Consequently, things from the past may come back in the future, and cause serious legal issues for people in Pennsylvania, and elsewhere. This was the case with some of the recent sexual assault allegations that have been made against actor and comedian, Bill Cosby.

An overview of child pornography charges in Pennsylvania

In today’s computer age, pictures, videos and other information on people’s electronic devices is easily accessible. If images that are of a sexually explicit nature, which involve children, are obtained from your computer or phone, you could face child pornography charges. Such allegations often have a devastating impact on those who they are made against, as well as their families. In order to protect your rights and your future, it behooves you to understand what constitutes child pornography in the state of Pennsylvania.

When does sexting become a crime in Pennsylvania?

As a teen in Pennsylvania today, you likely have easy access to the Internet, which may allow you to take and share personal photos, sometimes without your parents’ knowledge. However, if these images contain nudity, or are sexual in nature, you could face serious criminal charges. In the state of Pennsylvania, transmitting sexually explicit images, also known as sexting, is a crime if you are under the age of 18-years-old.

Dillsburg man charged with sexually assaulting 2 girls

Sometimes, criminal charges come following an accusation by a claimed victim. With few exceptions, the statute of limitations on prosecuting sex crimes in Pennsylvania is 12 years. It is longer in cases when the alleged victims are under the age of 18-years-old when the assault occurred. As such, a person could face serious legal charges years after any purported contact or interactions.

An overview of Pennsylvania sexual assault charges

Misunderstandings, false accusations and inappropriate conduct commonly result in sexual assault charges for people in Philadelphia, and throughout Pennsylvania. Like many how find themselves in this situation, you may not understand the charges you are facing. At Rubin, Glickman, Steinberg & Gifford, P.C., people often ask us what it means to be charged with sexual assault. As such, we will discuss what constitutes sexual assault in the state of Pennsylvania, and the consequences you could face if convicted of this offense.

Understanding statutory sexual assault charges in Pennsylvania

As teens and young adults, many people throughout Pennsylvania experience love for the first time. If they decide to act on their feelings, however, what should be a special time and experience may result in serious criminal charges. Depending on a couple’s ages, getting intimate with a partner could be considered statutory sexual assault.

Plum teacher facing sexual assault, other charges

Teachers in Pennsylvania, and elsewhere, often have close relationships with their students. However, should feelings develop and lead to an intimate relationship, the teacher could face serious criminal charges. Even just an accusation of this type could significantly impact a person’s personal life and future employment opportunities.

Who can be penalized for prostitution?

Generally speaking, prostitution is considered illegal in all forms. Like all illegal activities, there is still a market for prostitution regardless of its legality. This could end in punishment for those who are involved in the prostitution market. However, each state has its own specific set of laws that determines how that particular area handles cases of prostitution.

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