DUI Offenders Could Be Facing Harsher Penalties

In Pennsylvania, there are harsh penalties for driving while under the influence. However, due to a number of pushes at the law, there may soon be an increase in punishment. The state is also looking to tighten up its DUI laws.

The push is due to a group of people whose lives have been personally impacted by the actions of serial drunk drivers. One man’s daughter was killed by a repeat offender who had his license revoked for over 10 years. These people are considered advocates for tightening up and strengthening Pennsylvania’s current DUI laws and the penalties associated with them. Some consider this a good idea, especially because the state’s DUI laws have not been changed at all since 2003.

There are many different measures that are being suggested. For now, the measure that seems like it is about to pass involves the increased use of ignition interlock devices. Many believe that this reform has a good chance of being passed. However, supporters of stronger DUI laws have other measures planned already, as well. These measures include making a 3rd DUI offense a felony, giving police the right to seize the vehicles of repeat offenders, and allowing prosecutors to charge repeat offenders with murder if they have been involved in multiple fatal crashes.

These are just a few of the laws that could be coming down the pike very shortly. Because of the increased severity, anyone who is currently facing DUI-related charges may wish to contact a lawyer to discuss their options.

Source: International Business Times, “Tougher DUI laws on the horizon?,” Gil Smart, May 11, 2015