How Can You Get to Work with a License Suspension?

Any driver with a DUI charge may find themselves facing license suspension. This can be catastrophic if the driver relies on their car in order to get to their place of employment. However, there are measures in place to ensure the continued livelihood of drivers with suspended licenses.

Of course, many people will first be directed to look at their local public transport systems. However, there are some areas where it is simply not feasible to take public transport. Perhaps there is no system available at all, or maybe the system that is in place is not reliable enough to get a person to work every day. In that case, it is possible for a person to get to work with a restricted license. The DMV requires an application to be filled out first, in order for someone to obtain this special license. However, once it is obtained, a person will be able to use this license to commute to work every day.

Driving with a restricted license still comes with many rules and regulations. If a person breaks the terms of their restricted license, it will likely be revoked. The chances of them getting a second one will be very low. Accordingly, anyone driving on a restricted license should use it strictly for emergencies or necessities and not leisure. Emergencies and necessities can include trips to the emergency room or doctor, attending work or school, taking care of a dependent, or serving any other terms from the DUI sentence such as mandatory community service or abuse treatment programs.

As long as the terms are followed, a restricted license can be incredibly useful to anyone with a suspended license. At the very least, it will take away any concerns about how a person will be able to continue keeping up with their living expenses.