Identifying Reckless Drivers in Newtown and Lansdale PA

texting and driving accident newton paA reckless driver is one who goes about driving without concern for the consequences of their actions. Reckless driving is a major concern for motorists because such behavior is responsible for nearly one in three deaths related to car accidents. Incredibly, nine out of ten car collisions are a direct result of human error. Motorists need to be vigilant about the presence of reckless drivers by looking out for the warning signs and taking the appropriate action when they do notice a reckless driver. Such action will help protect yourself and other drivers on the road.

How to Identify a Reckless Driver in Pennsylvania

A reckless and dangerous driver puts other motorists at risk. Look out for the following signs that may be indicative of recklessness:

•  Failing to stay in lane (swerving, crossing the double line, riding in the middle or shoulder)
•  Excessive speeding
•  A failure to obey traffic laws (running lights, ignoring stop signs)
•  Participating in street racing
•  Driving while intoxicated
•  Failing to yield to the driver with the right-of-way
•  Passing other vehicles over a double yellow line
•  Intentionally passing a school bus with stop sign out
•  Texting while driving

Reporting Reckless Driving in Doylestown, PA

It’s understandable to not want to get involved in a situation you know little about, but in the case of reckless driving, reporting such behavior could be life-saving. Law enforcement authorities suggest drivers should reach out to 911 when a driver is threatening the safety of everyone else on the road. If you see a car on the wrong side of a highway, then that warrants an emergency 911 call. Motorists should not attempt to follow the car or take cell phone photographs. Instead, reach out to the authorities and give them a statement about what you witnessed.

When Reckless Driving Causes an Accident in Newtown or Lansdale, PA

It’s frustrating to suffer physical, financial and emotional losses due to the recklessness of another driver. Individuals who have experienced losses as a direct result of the accident have the right to seek out full financial compensation from the responsible party. Every driver has the responsibility and duty to exercise reasonable care for their fellow drivers, so reckless driving amounts to negligence in the court’s eyes.

Contact a Colmar Personal Injury Lawyer to Discuss Your Reckless Driving Accident Case in Pennsylvania

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