Limited Tort v. Full Tort!

Full tort lawyer lansdale paI recently had a client come into my office who had a non-displaced fractured sternum. A very painful injury, but because she had selected the Limited Tort option on her motor vehicle insurance, she could not make a claim for pain and suffering.

The client, a highly educated professional, was unaware that she had selected the Limited Tort option. She was very upset by this selection and immediately contacted her insurance agent to find out how this could have happened. As it turns out, the client’s spouse had selected the Limited Tort option over 8 years ago to save about $100 per year. Don’t make this mistake. Check your insurance policy and make sure you have selected the Full Tort option. If you have not, call your insurance agent immediately or send them an email requesting they switch you to the Full Tort option.

By Gregory R. Gifford, Esquire