Man Arrested in Pennsylvania for Keeping Heroin in His Car

Drug crimes are punishable on both the state and federal level. In particular, possession of drugs, like marijuana, prescription drugs and other narcotics, is a crime that is associated with consequences in Philadelphia like fines, jail time and the possibility of a permanent criminal record.

A man was arrested and is facing several charges after drugs were found in his vehicle in Pennsylvania. The charges filed against him include possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of a controlled substance, possession of marijuana, and possession with intent to deliver.

The drugs, which were located in the back of the man’s trunk, included more than 1,000 bags of heroin. The search was initiated after law enforcement pulled over the man and requested to perform a search of his vehicle. The man agreed to the search willingly.

The exact reasons for the search are not known. Indications of criminal activity were cited as the reason by officers but there was no definition provided as to what exactly the man was doing or what these indications included. The man was originally pulled over because the windows of his car were tinted too dark and because he failed to switch lanes correctly as he was driving.

In an effort to prevent drug use and possession from occurring, punishing a person for the crimes they are accused of is often considered more important than their personal legal rights. Those who were charged with crimes for possessing illegal drugs may benefit from consulting with an attorney who can help them understand what their rights are after such allegations have been made against them.

Source:, “Paterson man arrested after vehicle search finds 1,490 bags of heroin, 45 grams of ‘Molly,’” Alex Napoliello, May 27, 2014