Man’s 10th DUI Treated as a First Offense

In Pennsylvania, according to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, receiving more than one DUI is associated with serious consequences. For example, those arrested for more than two DWI offenses with a blood alcohol content level between .08 and .099 are subject to 12 months of license suspension, a fine of up to $5,000 and between 10 days and two years in prison. Those caught driving with a BAC level between 0.10 to .159 with three or more prior DUI offenses may be required to spend up to five years in prison and pay a fine of $1,500 to $10,000. However, there are some situations where repeat offenders may not face severe penalties for drinking and driving.

Recently, a man who had nine DUIs on his record received his tenth. However, the man only was only sentenced to a few months in prison due to Pennsylvania’s “look back” policy. This regulation states that if a person does not receive a DUI within a 10-year period, their next drunk driving offense will be treated as their first. Since the man’s last conviction was before the year 2000, he was not subject to repeat offender penalties.

Although penalties for a first DUI offense are less severe than those associated with multiple DUIs, they can still be both legally and financially difficult. These consequences may include probation time, treatment when ordered, fines and the requirement to attend highway safety school. Those facing the consequences of receiving a DUI may benefit from consulting with an attorney who can provide them with legal guidance at this time.

Source: Hatboro-Horsham Patch, “Horsham man convicted of 10th DUI,” Kara Seymour, July 8, 2014