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Pennsylvania Water Rescue president embezzles thousands

Unpaid debts, large medical bills, mortgage payments and the other expenses of daily life may make it tempting to steal funds from a business or an organization. However, in Pennsylvania, embezzlement is a crime associated with serious consequences, like fines and prison time, due to the negative effect it can have on an organization. In some cases, organizations may struggle financially to maintain their operations after money has been stolen by another member of their team.

Men accused of forging documents using stolen identities

Identity theft is a crime which authorities in Pennsylvania take very seriously. However, penalties vary depending on the value of the stolen property. For example, according to the Pennsylvania General Assembly, if the total value of stolen property is $2,000 or more, it is considered a third-degree felony punishable by up to $15,000 in fines and seven years in prison on the state level. Identity theft crimes will also be considered a felony in the third degree, regardless of the value of the property, if the actions were part of a criminal conspiracy.

Pennsylvania accountant accused of hiding millions from IRS

Strict adherence to accounting procedures and guidelines contributes to a large portion of any Pennsylvania business’ success. When one member of an accounting team fails to abide by proper accounting principles and engage in accounting fraud, that person not only compromises him or herself, but the business’ profitability and reputation.

Pennsylvania woman finds herself facing conspiracy charges related to work-from-home job

To combat the effects of a sluggish economy, some Pennsylvanians have sought unconventional work to bring in extra income. Work-from-home jobs have become more popular for people who are struggling to make ends meet and need the flexibility of working from home. Thanks to the Internet, these jobs can be easy to find. Unfortunately, not all employers can be trusted, and some may be involved in fraud.

Banker faces wire fraud charges after he stages his suicide

When Pennsylvanians are suspected of fraud, they sometimes take drastic actions to hide their behavior. In some severe cases, their mistakes change the lives of their spouses, children, and extended family members. However, it is important for Pennsylvanians to remember that everyone is innocent until proven guilty; even if someone appears to be covering up his mistakes, he may not have committed fraud or any other type of white collar crime.

Pennsylvania woman arrested for stealing from hospital

When employees in Pennsylvania and other states are given access to a significant amount of money, it can be tempting for them to steal some of it for themselves, hoping that no one will notice. However, most companies and organizations routinely audit their financial information for signs of fraud and other forms of white collar crime, and people who steal funds from their employer are often caught.

Sportscaster Tollefson under investigation for fraud

Due to unemployment, illness, or other unexpected life events, Pennsylvanians sometimes face financial struggles. In these circumstances, some people turn to various forms of white-collar crime to raise the money they need to cover medical expenses, mortgage payments, and more. However, it is also important to remember that anyone who has been accused of such crimes is innocent until proven guilty.

Criminal charges levied against Marcellus Shale company

The process of hydrofracking - extracting natural gas using pressurized water, has garnered a legion of supporters as well as critics. Those who support it believe that it is a limitless source of energy that will help the nation break its dependency on foreign sources. Those who oppose it insist that it is a serious environmental hazard. Reports of dumping waste and polluting water have become major issues in Pennsylvania, and yesterday the Attorney General's office took action.

Important considerations in tax fraud cases

As Labor Day approaches, people throughout Pennsylvania are anticipating the return of football season. Whether your preference is pro football or college football, there will plenty of money made between now and end of the year. When tax time returns in 2014, the IRS will undoubtedly be looking for those who have misrepresented their income on tax returns. 

Police investigating $90,000 theft from college fraternity

As the month of July draws to a close, anticipation begins of a new football season at Penn State University. This will be the first since the Jerry Sandusky scandal cast a shadow over the football program and spawned an exodus of talent just before the 2012 season began. 

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