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Why you need Attorney representation

No person shall ever, ever, ever go to a Preliminary Hearing on a DUI or any criminal matter without an attorney. A criminal case has many levels, the Preliminary Arraignment, Preliminary Hearing, Arraignment, and Pre-Trial Conference/Trial. The Preliminary Hearing is one of the most critical stages of any criminal prosecution, and no person should go to the Preliminary Hearing without proper representation. Never hire a lawyer who is not familiar and experienced with your type of case, and don't be afraid to ask the lawyer how many DUI cases they handle in a year. Once a Preliminary Hearing is waived, many potential positive outcomes are lost forever.

Designer Drugs: Synthetic Does Not Mean Legal

In an age of rapid innovation, designer drugs have reshaped the science of getting high, as well as redefined what constitutes drug crimes in Pennsylvania today. Substances such as synthetic marijuana and compounds that mimic LSD, cocaine, and methamphetamines, known as "bath salts" have historically been available to purchase over the counter at local head-shops and on internet websites.

Be Careful What You Post Online...The Police May be Watching

More and more people start using social media every single day. They enjoy how easy it makes communicating with a large number of people at one time. Get engaged? Post it on Facebook. Buy a new car? Here's a picture for Twitter. Participate in a drug crime? Tag your friends who were with you.

Increase in Federal Law Enforcement Officers Fighting Crime in Philadelphia

Violent crimes make the news. Stories of criminal activity in Philadelphia have seemingly become a nightly occurrence on evening newscasts. Gun and drug crimes have been on the rise throughout the summer. According to Mayor Michael Nutter, murders are up 15 percent compared to 2010 and 2011 murder rates at this time.

Preliminary Hearing -- The Tee Shot

Every criminal case in Montgomery and Bucks Counties starts out with a Preliminary Hearing.  When I use the words "start out," I mean that to say this is the first critical stage where a good lawyer starts to shape how the case will finish.  As I tell my clients, the Preliminary Hearing in a criminal case is just like a Tee Shot in the game of Golf.

New Supreme Court Decision May Lead to Additional DUI and Drug Crimes Convictions

In 2004, the United States Supreme Court ruled on a case that stated that crime lab reports could not be used as evidence unless the person conducting the tests was testifying at trial. This would give the accused a chance to question the technician about the techniques used when the samples were being tested.

Court Allows Strip Searches for Minor Offenses

When someone is suspected of committing a crime, police may take a variety of approaches to investigate the situation. If someone is accused of a drug crime, police may need to pat down the individual to find the drugs, but usually, police need to have a reason to perform this test.

Drug Crimes Sentences before U.S. Supreme Court

In the 1980s, tough penalties were put in place for those who were convicted of drug crimes. Crack and powder cocaine started to become more common in major cities like Philadelphia, and Congress reacted by creating lengthy prison sentences for those who were convicted.

Philadelphia Offers New Program for Nonviolent Drug Offenders

The war on drugs has resulted in countless numbers of people having to spend significant periods of time in prisons across the country. This comes at a very high cost, both financially and socially. States are forced to spend money they do not have on incarceration, and offenders are denied opportunities to change their lives. Reoffending is a major problem, which can trap many people into the system.

Bath Salt Drug Crimes Becoming Major Concern in Pennsylvania

A new type of drug is receiving the attention of law enforcement agencies throughout Pennsylvania. Commonly referred to as "bath salts", these drugs are actually synthetic creations designed to mimic the effects of other drugs, such as marijuana. These synthetic drugs are sold in stores and online, and have become very popular nationwide.

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