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Can Your Phone Tell If You're Too Drunk to Drive?

There seems to be no limit to the amount of things that we can do with our smartphones. Developers are constantly working on new apps designed to put even more information in our hands. While some of these items have made our lives considerably more convenient, we need to be careful about how much we rely upon the services that these apps provide. Not all of the information may be accurate or help you avoid potential problems.

Pennsylvania Hiring More Drug Recognition Experts

As discussed earlier in an earlier blog posting, more and more attention is being focused on addressing the issue of drugged driving. While the majority of DUI arrests concern motorists under the influence of alcohol, police are taking a more aggressive approach toward developing the necessary tools to catch drugged drivers.

New Pennsylvania Law Increases Certain DUI Punishments

Each year, the Pennsylvania legislature considers news laws and potential punishments that would impact those convicted of a DUI. Many of these laws do not pass, but those that do generally place more restrictions on a person who was driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. This year is no exception. A bill recently signed into law will increase penalties for those who are driving drunk while minor passengers are in the vehicle.

Drugged Driving in Pennsylvania

Driving under the influence of alcohol has been an issue in the headlines for decades. Countless laws have been passed that increase the penalties for a person convicted of DUI. Police officers are extensively trained to recognize the signs of someone who has been driving while impaired. Blood or breath tests can quickly show whether a person is over the .08 legal limit.

DUI Proof Cars? Manufacturer Installed Interlocks Proposed

Nearly each legislative session, legislatures around the country propose new laws aimed at making the penalties for drunk driving stronger. Pennsylvania is no exception, as new laws mandating the installation of ignition interlock devices for first-time DUI offenders was up for debate.

End of Year Events Could Lead to Underage DUIs

As the school year draws to a close, many students will be taking part in several special events. Whether it is going to prom or their classmates' graduation parties, high school students will have plenty of opportunities to celebrate. While many of these events will happen incident-free, underage drinking is a problem that is receiving a lot of attention from law enforcement throughout Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania Man Receives Two DUIs in 17 Hours

A Pennsylvania man made national news recently. He received two DUIs within a 17-hour period. The first arrest happened on Friday, March 30, while he was driving a school bus full of children to a field trip. The second happened early Saturday morning as he was driving his personal vehicle.

Extra Pennsylvania DUI Enforcement for St. Patrick's Day

Philadelphia holds its St. Patrick's Day parade on Sunday, March 11. Many people will head to the city to enjoy a day filled with events highlighting the Irish. The parade is a long-standing tradition in the city, and it is highly anticipated each year. It is even televised, in case people are unable to make it down to the city to watch in person.

Super Bowl Sunday Will Bring Increased DUI Enforcement

The NFL season will come to a close on Sunday, February 5th. The New York Giants will play the New England Patriots in Indianapolis to determine who will bring home the Lombardi Trophy. Those who cannot attend the game in person will be glued to the television, as the game always generates high ratings. The day has a holiday-like feel, with many people hosting parties for their friends and family.

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