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High racial disparity in Pennsylvania marijuana arrests

According to a report by the American Civil Liberties Union, there is a high racial disparity in Pennsylvania’s marijuana-related arrests. The study shows that whites in the state are 5.2 times less likely to be arrested for marijuana possession than African Americans. This is higher than the national average, in which whites, on average, are 3.73 times less likely to be arrested for this offense. This national disparity is not confined to certain cities or states; it exists in all parts of the country.

Marijuana may become decriminalized in Philadelphia

According to Pennsylvania’s Controlled Substance, Drug Device, and Cosmetic Act, it is illegal for anyone in the state to possess a controlled substance, like marijuana. If a person is believed to be guilty for the possession of drugs, they face serious penalties, such as the requirement to spend up to a year in prison, pay a fine that does not exceed $5,000 or both.

Hospital technician infects at least 46 people with hepatitis C

When Pennsylvanians become addicted to alcohol and illegal drugs, their judgment is often impaired. They may make decisions that contradict their personal morals. Nevertheless, their actions sometimes cause severe harm to victims, and they’re typically penalized for the pain and suffering they caused, and they may find themselves in need of drug crime defense.

Prosecutors seeking to crack down on heroin dealers

The number of heroin overdose deaths has climbed this year, and has become a great concern to lawmakers, prosecutors and law enforcement officers alike. Because of this, prosecutors are changing the way they approach overdose deaths so that they may hold drug dealers responsible.

Three injured in North Philly shootings

Philadelphia police are looking for two shooters after a drive-by shooting in North Philadelphia have left three people injured. According to a Daily News report, the shooting occurred just before 4:00 on Monday afternoon. Among the people shot were a 29 year-old man who was shot twice in the elbow, a 24-year-old woman who was grazed on the thigh, and a 29-year-old pregnant woman who was shot five times.

Deli worker accused of selling marijuana to undercover Lansdale cop

Last week, a Bucks County man was arrested for allegedly selling marijuana to an undercover police officer from Lansdale. Police began investigating the man two months ago when they were told that an employee at a local deli was involved in selling marijuana.

Designer Drugs: Synthetic Does Not Mean Legal

In an age of rapid innovation, designer drugs have reshaped the science of getting high, as well as redefined what constitutes drug crimes in Pennsylvania today. Substances such as synthetic marijuana and compounds that mimic LSD, cocaine, and methamphetamines, known as "bath salts" have historically been available to purchase over the counter at local head-shops and on internet websites.

Be Careful What You Post Online...The Police May be Watching

More and more people start using social media every single day. They enjoy how easy it makes communicating with a large number of people at one time. Get engaged? Post it on Facebook. Buy a new car? Here's a picture for Twitter. Participate in a drug crime? Tag your friends who were with you.

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