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Premises liability lawsuits for businesses

Thousands of Pennsylvania residents visit hospital emergency rooms each year after falling prey to slip-and-fall accidents. Lawsuits stemming from slips, trips and falls are among the most common kinds of personal injury litigation. Building owners usually limit their exposure to this kind of legal action by inserting provisions in their leases that make safety the responsibility of tenants, and it is usually the occupiers of premises that are named as defendants in slip-and-fall lawsuits.

Compensation may be available for slip and fall injury

Almost everyone has, at one time or another, taken a misstep and fallen to the ground without suffering from anything more serious than a bruised ego. Tripping and falling can, however, result in serious personal injury that might entitle the victim to receive compensation from the owner of the property on which the fall occurs. This was the situation that caused a Pennsylvania man to sue the operators of a casino after he fell while entering their facility.

Outdoor party attractions can be hazardous

Outdoor events can be particularly popular during good weather in Pennsylvania. Modern event attractions can be fun because they can be set up in a variety of private or public settings to accommodate a wide range of ages and interests. A rock climbing experience, bounce house, or trampoline can provide a way to add a sense of fun and adventure to one's events. However, premises liability can become a serious issue if the portable attractions used at an event cause injuries to participants. This was the case for a man who attended a picnic for his wife's employer in New Jersey recently.

Pennsylvania lawsuit alleges negligence at McDonald's

A Pennsylvania couple has asked for a lawsuit that was filed against a New York McDonald's and its Connecticut owner to be transferred to a U.S. District Court in Philadelphia. The incident occurred in November 2012. According to the lawsuit, negligence resulted in multiple injuries.

Man sues hotel for slip-and-fall accident in shower

A man is seeking over $150,000 in damages from a Pennsylvania hotel after a fall in the shower caused him to suffer from a concussion. The slip-and-fall accident took place at the Hampton Inn in Carlisle on Aug. 26, 2012. After slipping during a shower, the man claims that he hit his head on the wall and lost consciousness for a short period of time.

Victim's family sues five bars after drunk driving accident

If you or someone close to you has ever been involved in a drunk driving accident, you may not know about Pennsylvania’s Dram Shop Act, which states that restaurants, bars, and other alcohol-serving establishments can be held accountable for the later careless decisions and conduct of customers to whom they have served alcohol. Recently, the surviving relatives of a DUI accident victim filed a lawsuit against five different bars that served the allegedly already drunk man who caused the accident. 

Slip and fall could result in lawsuit against public agency

It has happened to us all at one point in time; a stumble down an ill-maintained stairway, a trip over an uneven surface, a slip on a wet or icy floor. This seemingly simple occurrence can have a variety of results -- anything ranging from simply feeling embarrassed to an extremely serious injury. These are just a few examples of conditions that can set the stage for a slip and fall in the workplace and beyond.

Band held liable for injuries at Philadelphia concert

If you go to a public event such as a concert, where perhaps hundreds of people have gathered to enjoy a show, each patron of that show should be able to count on the event organizers and performers to provide an environment that is reasonably safe. If an event organizer or a property owner fails in this duty, and if a person suffers serious injuries as a result, then the injured party should be aware of the options for holding the responsible parties liable for damages.

Lafayette Hills couple sues restaurant for premises liability

We've discussed before how attorneys for defendants in premises liability lawsuits commonly seek to have cases moved from state to federal court because the damages sought by the plaintiffs are expected to exceed $75,000. That is the case for a lawsuit brought by a husband and wife from Lafayette Hills, Pennsylvania.

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