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Financial fraud can involve negotiable instruments

Cases of financial fraud in Pennsylvania can often involve documents known as negotiable instruments. According to the FBI’s most recent “Financial Crimes Report to the Public,” which covers the period from October 2009 to September 2011, the agency has been involved in a number of financial institution fraud cases, which can include investigations into counterfeit negotiable instruments as well as check kiting, check fraud and mortgage fraud. Those who are being investigated for such offenses may want to educate themselves on the legal definition of these types of documents.

Appeals court adopts new legal standard for insider trading cases

The law is constantly in flux. Changes in legislation as well as new court decisions can quickly turn established legal standards on their heads. Because of this, those who are charged with crimes must remain informed of their rights and defense options under the most current interpretations of Pennsylvania and federal laws.

“White collar crime” is a broad category

The definitions of crimes are not always static; many change as offenses evolve. According to the FBI, white collar crime is a general term used to describe offenses involving fraud that are perpetrated by professionals in the business and government fields. Believed to have been created in 1939, this term has grown broader over the years, and now many types of activity committed by Pennsylvania residents may fall under this category.

Penalties for credit card crimes under federal law

Congress addressed crimes that are commonly known as credit card fraud in 1984’s Credit Card Fraud Act. According to the U.S. Department of Justice, this was codified as 18 U.S.C. Sect. 1029, with penalties for this type of white collar crime listed under Sect. 1029(c). These penalties are very serious, and Philadelphia residents who are charged with such offenses may want to educate themselves on what they may face if convicted.

Identity theft illegal under both Pennsylvania and U.S. laws

Identity theft is a major focus in the media, both in Pennsylvania and across the United States. Because of the increasing attention being placed on these offenses, many people have questions regarding the state and federal laws under which these crimes are prosecuted.

The difference between larceny and embezzlement

Larceny and embezzlement are two crimes that are often confused. However, each has very distinct qualities which set them apart. According to Cornell University Law School, embezzlement occurs when a person takes personal property from someone else and happens most often when a person in Pennsylvania misappropriates money. A person may be found guilty of embezzlement if they keep the stolen property for themselves or transfer it to another party.

Pennsylvania woman finds herself facing conspiracy charges related to work-from-home job

To combat the effects of a sluggish economy, some Pennsylvanians have sought unconventional work to bring in extra income. Work-from-home jobs have become more popular for people who are struggling to make ends meet and need the flexibility of working from home. Thanks to the Internet, these jobs can be easy to find. Unfortunately, not all employers can be trusted, and some may be involved in fraud.

Criminal charges levied against Marcellus Shale company

The process of hydrofracking - extracting natural gas using pressurized water, has garnered a legion of supporters as well as critics. Those who support it believe that it is a limitless source of energy that will help the nation break its dependency on foreign sources. Those who oppose it insist that it is a serious environmental hazard. Reports of dumping waste and polluting water have become major issues in Pennsylvania, and yesterday the Attorney General's office took action.

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