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Reducing driving risks

It may not be difficult for a Pennsylvania motorist to recognize that less time on the roads means less potential for accidents. However, the idea of cutting a mile from the route between home and work might seem inadequate to make much difference in accident statistics. The reality is that a reduction of 1 mile from the route equates to an estimated 500 fewer miles driven per year. On a national scale, similar changes being implemented in all households could represent a reduction of nearly 2 percent in auto-related fatalities per year.

Drowsy driving leads to danger on the road

Research shows that drivers in Pennsylvania and across the nation are nodding off at the wheel and putting themselves and others in danger of a motor vehicle accident. A new study by the AAA has estimated that more than two-fifths of the drivers who take the road have done so when they are tired and have found themselves falling asleep while behind the wheel of their vehicles.

Getting teens to think twice about drinking and driving

Pennsylvania parents may find that their teenagers don't listen as well as they would like, but where drinking and driving is concerned, it is imperative that the message gets through. Fortunately, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration tends to be very successful in making such messages memorable. The idea of friends not letting friends drive drunk is familiar, a campaign that the NHTSA organized. The agency also made inroads with young men through the messaging about buzzed driving being drunk driving. Together with the Ad Council, NHTSA will target underage drinking and driving with a new campaign.

Dangers of red-light running in Pennsylvania

Although traffic signals are designed to maintain an orderly flow of vehicles moving on the roads, a judgment error or an intentional disregard of a signal, especially when a red light is involved, could have catastrophic consequences. In fact, research from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration indicates that the majority of motorists believe that there is a major safety threat from drivers who run red lights. Additionally, approximately 33 percent of individuals have known someone personally who has been killed or seriously injured in an intersection incident due to red-light running.

Automotive fatalities in Pennsylvania

Recent data from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety shows that fatalities resulting from car accidents have been on a steady decline, but it is still one of the most common reasons for death in the United States. In 2013, the most recent year that complete data is available, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has reported that just shy of 34,000 died in a motor vehicle accident around the country, out of a total of approximately 2.6 million deaths overall.

Car defects may result in false convictions

As Pennsylvania motorists know, General Motors has recalled a record number of vehicles due to a faulty ignition switch. While serious accidents, some of which have caused fatalities, have occurred, other issues are recently coming to light. Drivers whose GM vehicles stalled were charged with crimes when accidents killed other drivers and passengers. It is only recently that judges are addressing this issue.

Delayed symptoms may appear after a car accident

Some injuries that Pennsylvania residents incur in a motor vehicle accident might not be obvious right away. For instance, whiplash symptoms may not even surface for 24 to 48 hours. Being aware of what sort of injury symptoms might suggest may assist in seeking help in a timely fashion.

Texting beats drinking among hazards for teen drivers

Teens in Pennsylvania need to be cautioned about texting while driving and not just the standard admonishment to not drink and drive. Although intoxication remains a killer of teenagers behind the wheel, at approximately 2,000 deaths per year, the distraction caused by texting on mobile devices now contributes to about 3,000 car accident deaths among teenagers every year.

NTSB says collision avoidance systems should be standard

Pennsylvania drivers would be able to purchase new cars with collision avoidance systems installed at no extra price if the National Transportation Safety Board had its way, but despite recommending these systems for several years, only four models manufactured in 2014 included such a system. The NTSB says that the devices would reduce the severity of about 80 percent of rear-end accidents that kill about 1,700 people annually and injure around half a million.

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