September 2011 Newsletter

Four RGS&G Attorneys Named as 2011 Pennsylvania Super Lawyers!

We are proud of our four 2011 Pennsylvania Super Lawyers. Each was named by their fellow lawyers in the Commonwealth, which was publicly announced in the June publication of Philadelphia Magazine.

Marc Steinberg has over 35 years of experience handling some of the area’s most explosive cases. He litigates criminal and civil cases in state and federal courts. He is the only attorney in Bucks and Montgomery Counties to be certified as a Criminal Trial Attorney by the National Board of Trial Advocacy.

Greg Gifford has been practicing personal injury and criminal law for over 25 years. He was voted “Best Lawyer” and “One of the Best Lawyers” for several years in The Reporter’s and the Montgomery Media’s Reader’s Choice Awards. He is Past President of the Montgomery Trial Lawyers Association and serves as solicitor for various police organizations and zoning boards.

Jay Glickman has served the firm’s clients since 1972. He concentrates his practice in estate planning and estate administration. He is a member of the Advisory Committee on Decedent’s Estate Law to the Joint State Government Commission of Pennsylvania and a member of many civic and community organizations.

Bob Szostak has been practicing law for almost 30 years with a concentration in civil litigation. An accomplished trial attorney, he represents victims of catastrophic medical malpractice and other complex personal injury matters. He is an active member of the Montgomery and Philadelphia Bar Associations. He serves as the 2011 Co-chair of the State Civil Litigation Section of the Philadelphia Bar Association.

Essential Viewing!

We encourage everyone to watch the HBO Documentary “Hot Coffee.” This show is stirring up conversation around the country about our civil justice system. The film breaks down the myths about the McDonald’s hot coffee case and puts a spotlight on other threats to our access to the courts. If you have not seen this powerful film, it is available On Demand through September 11th. The link to the Hot Coffee website is Please watch this enlightening Documentary for its powerful examination of “tort reform” and how special interests are trying to eliminate our Constitutional right to trial by jury.

If you have any questions or would like any information, contact Robert Szostak, Esquire, at [email protected] He has dedicated his professional career to catastrophic injury litigation. He represents people with very serious problems and speaks for those who otherwise would not have a voice as their advocate for civil justice.

Why You Want Full Tort Coverage

When your insurance agent asks if you want the Limited Tort Option on your vehicle insurance, respond with a firm, “No!”

If you have already selected Limited Tort, change your election, in writing, and advise your agent you want Full Tort coverage. The driving public is hurt by Limited Tort, yet you will not realize it until you or a family member are injured in an accident caused by a negligent driver.

The driving public is unaware of the devastating effect of the Limited Tort Option they are invited to select on their motor vehicle insurance policies to save a few dollars.

In response to the outcry for tort reform, our legislature, along with other state legislatures, passed tort reform legislation, which was supposed to roll back auto insurance premiums in exchange for giving up the right to sue. The theory was that insurance companies were losing money; if they could provide less expensive insurance, the number of lawsuits would decrease.

The number of lawsuits has decreased but not because the driving public understood the rights they were signing away in order to pay a few dollars less for their auto insurance.

Who can remember a decrease in auto insurance rates? It is true you will pay less for Limited Tort, but you also get what you pay for. You cannot bring an action or lawsuit against the driver who crosses the center line of the roadway and hits you head on – unless you die, lose an arm or leg, have terrible scarring, or are disabled as a result of the accident. Rates have increased, not decreased.

Don’t let this happen to you. Protect yourself and your loved ones with the proper insurance. Choose Full Tort.

Who Should Have a Power of Attorney?

Everybody. There are two main types of Powers of Attorney:

A General Durable Power of Attorney for Financial Purposes and A Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care and Authorizing Refusal of Medical Treatment. Both are very important documents to have and can protect you and your assets.

Powers of Attorney are prepared with the hope that they will never have to be used. Since accidents and emergencies occur unpredictably, by the time someone realizes that a Power of Attorney is needed, it is often too late. Absent a Power of Attorney, in an emergency situation, your loved ones may be left with no alternative but to file an Incapacity Petition in order to have a Judge grant them the authority to act on your behalf.

Preparing Powers of Attorney now will help prevent unfortunate circumstances from being more difficult for your loved ones. We have assisted individuals and loved ones prepare for and cope with these situations. Call us if you have any questions or concerns.