North Wales Criminal Defense Lawyers

Skilled Criminal Defense Lawyers in North Wales Can Help You Fight Your Criminal Charges

If you have been arrested or are facing possible criminal charges, you likely find yourself in uncharted territory and have questions and concerns about your future and the Pennsylvania criminal justice system in general. This is understandably a confusing and stressful time in your life, but it is important to remember that you do not have to get through it alone. The best way to alleviate your concerns is to contact an experienced criminal defense lawyer who can provide answers and options in your case.

At Rubin, Glickman, Steinberg & Gifford, P.C., our experienced team of North Wales criminal defense lawyers can help put your mind at ease to the extent possible by providing high quality legal guidance and support throughout the entire criminal process. We have been recognized by Super Lawyers for our exceptional legal services, and have also obtained an AV-rating from the respected Martindale-Hubbell lawyer rating service. Each year since 2010, we have been named by U.S. News and World Report as a Best Law Firm. Contact our skilled criminal defense lawyers and let us share the burden in formulating the most aggressive possible defense strategy in your case.

Types of Criminal Cases We Handle

At Rubin, Glickman, Steinberg & Gifford, P.C., our skilled team of criminal defense lawyers handles all types of criminal cases, and have over 65 years of experience successfully representing clients accused of:

Regardless of what stage of the criminal process, our lawyers are here to help. We advise and defend clients who have been:

  • Investigated for a crime. Even if you are only being investigated for a crime, but have not yet been charged, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney in your corner. Prior to arrest, our attorneys can conduct our own investigation to uncover the evidence that the prosecution has against you in order to build a strong defense in your case.
  • Arrested for a crime. If you have been arrested or charged with a crime, contact an experienced criminal defense attorney immediately and prior to making any statements to the police or prosecution. This time period is critical to your case, and our lawyers will go to work immediately to minimize the potential damage and determine what to expect from the prosecution.
  • Convicted of a crime. Even if you have already been convicted of a crime, our criminal defense lawyers will work to investigate the facts of your case to determine whether your conviction was justified, and will evaluate the potential success of an appeal in your case. We are also here to explore the possibility of expungement to clear your criminal record.

Why Choose Our Criminal Defense Lawyers to Protect Your Rights in a North Wales Criminal Case

At Rubin, Glickman, Steinberg & Gifford, P.C., our criminal defense lawyers are committed to framing effective and aggressive criminal defense strategies for all of our clients in the North Wales area. If you have been accused of a crime, it is vital that you retain an experienced criminal defense lawyer to advocate on your behalf as soon as possible. Our team of veteran lawyers can investigate to determine whether any number of defenses may be successful in your case, including:

  • Mistaken identity,
  • Violation of your constitutional rights,
  • Miranda violations,
  • Alibi defenses,
  • Lack of sufficient evidence against you.

The prosecution is required to prove your case beyond a reasonable doubt. We will leave no stone unturned in evaluating the prosecution’s evidence and conducting our own investigation to build a strong defense in your case.

Accused of a Crime? Call Our North Wales Criminal Defense Lawyers to Schedule a Free Consultation Today

Call our skilled team of criminal defense lawyers to schedule a free consultation to discuss your criminal charges in North Wales or send us a confidential email. For your convenience, we have two offices that are located at 2605 N. Broad Street, Colmar, PA 18915 and 12 Penns Trail, Suite 145, Newtown, PA 18940. We offer free and convenient parking for our clients.

About North Wales, PA

North Wales is located in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, and is a suburb of Philadelphia. North Wales is a small borough with a total area of only 0.06 square miles and a population of about 3,229 (as of 2010), and is considered to be a part of the North Penn Valley. North Wales was actually settled by immigrants from North Wales in Wales, and was part of a 1702 William Penn land grant. Historically, the area was a small farming community, and today contains an important route to Philadelphia.

In the 1850s, North Wales began to grow more quickly because of the introduction of the North Pennsylvania Railroad, with service between Bethlehem and Philadelphia. The median income for a family in North Wales was about $63,235, and about 54 percent of the households consisted of married couples as of 2010.

Frequently Asked Questions About Criminal Defense

FAQ: What is the difference between a misdemeanor and a felony in Pennsylvania?

Misdemeanor crimes are those that are considered to be less serious than felony-level charges. The primary difference between the two types of crimes are the potential penalties that may attach. While felony-level crimes will carry more severe penalties, misdemeanors should still be taken seriously, and can result in jail time and substantial monetary fines. Both types of crime will also appear on your permanent criminal record. Misdemeanor crimes are, however, generally more easily expunged than penalty crimes. Regardless of the severity of the crime alleged, you will still need a criminal defense attorney to help minimize the damage that arrest and conviction can cause.

FAQ: Am I eligible for probation in my case? What is the difference between probation and parole?

Whether you may be eligible for probation will depend upon the severity of the crime alleged and your past criminal record. Probation is essentially a supervisory period that may be required instead of jail time. The court will require that you satisfy certain conditions during your probation period, including refraining from any criminal activity, possible drug or alcohol counseling, and other conditions that the court determines to be appropriate in your case. Parole imposes similar restrictions and supervisory conditions but is imposed after you have already served a jail sentence.