Pennsylvania Lawsuit Alleges Negligence at McDonald’s

A Pennsylvania couple has asked for a lawsuit that was filed against a New York McDonald’s and its Connecticut owner to be transferred to a U.S. District Court in Philadelphia. The incident occurred in November 2012. According to the lawsuit, negligence resulted in multiple injuries.

The incident took place as the wife exited McDonald’s on a stairway leading from the establishment. According to the lawsuit, as the woman walked down the exterior steps, she slipped on a wet surface. As the woman fell down the steps, she struck her head on the wall. The liability suit claims she fractured her left fibula, suffered severe bruises on her knees and a sprain to her right lower extremity. Since the fall, the lawsuit alleges, she has experienced significant anxiety when walking down stairs and severe headaches. In addition, the woman and her husband have been deprived of normal social and conjugal activities they were able to share before the accident.

The lawsuit charges that both the franchise owner and McDonald’s did not maintain the premises in a safe way, as the area was not inspected for dangerous conditions and no warning was provided to customers. In addition, the staff at the McDonald’s location did not assist the woman or try to help her.

Following the accident, the woman incurred medical bills and income loss due to her slip and fall injuries. The lawsuit is asking for damages of more than $75,000 as well as interest and court cost.

When an individual experiences injury due to negligence, speaking with an attorney may be beneficial. The attorney can evaluate the incident and help the injured individual recover pecuniary damages by filing a premises liability lawsuit.

Source: The Pennsylvania Record, “Pa. couple file suit in Philadelphia over slip-and-fall at NYC McDonald’s,” Nichols Malfitano, April 23, 2015