Pennsylvania Woman Sentenced After Pleading Guilty in 6th DUI Case

Driving under the influence of alcohol is considered a serious offense in Pennsylvania, and elsewhere. Consequently, those who are convicted of this offense often face severe penalties. These may include hefty fines, and jail or prison sentences. People may also lose their driving privileges for a specified period of time, or indefinitely, as well as be required to use ignition interlock devices.

According to reports, a woman in Lancaster County is facing a number of penalties after she pleaded guilty to DUI recently. It was not disclosed whether she submitted to a blood or a breath test, but her blood alcohol content level was reportedly .205 percent. This is the 40-year-old woman’s sixth conviction for alcohol-related offenses. She was purportedly arrested after being stopped at a DUI checkpoint. Authorities alleged that she smelled of alcohol and was visibly intoxicated.

News sources reported that the woman has been fined $2,500. She was also sentenced to between one and two years in prison, and her driver’s license has been suspended for 18-months. It was not reported when her license suspension will go into effect, nor was it detailed when she will begin her prison sentence.

Often, those who are convicted of drunk driving do not stop paying for their transgressions once they have served their time or paid their fines. The consequences of drunk driving arrests may have lasting implications on people’s personal and professional lives. As such, those who have been charged alcohol-related offenses may benefit from obtaining legal representation. An attorney may explain their rights, and help defend them against the charges they are facing.

Source:, “Elizabethtown woman gets 1-2 years for 6th DUI,” Myles Snyder, Nov. 6, 2015