Samsung Develops Unique Idea for Preventing Truck Accidents

Driving in the proximity of semi trucks can produce a lot of anxiety and challenges for Pennsylvania motorists, but Samsung has found one possible solution to help drivers navigate the road safely when following large trucks. The company came up with an idea for a “safety truck” that allows drivers to navigate their way around big rigs by being able to see past them.

The idea for the safety truck is that motorists can pass a slowly moving truck on a two-lane road because video screens on the back of the truck show a driver what is ahead on the road. This lets a driver see if there is any oncoming traffic without having to guess or veer over and check. A camera mounted on a truck’s grill streams live video to the screens on the back of the truck, which allows drivers behind the truck to see what the truck driver sees. The truck was tested in Argentina due to the many two-lane highways as well as its high incidence of traffic accidents.

Samsung is working with the Argentinean government and safe driving organizations to continue developing this idea as the technology will not be available for widespread use until testing, permitting and approvals are completed. Samsung believes the idea was successful and can save lives, but there are no current plans to bring safety trucks to North America.

While large trucks sometimes pose dangers to others on the road, the safety truck might not be the answer to preventing accidents. This idea has limited functions as it may help motorists navigate around a truck but does not help when a truck driver is acting unsafely. If a truck collision occurs due to a truck driver’s negligence, injured victims may want to speak with a personal injury attorney to determine how best to attempt to obtain compensation for the damages sustained.