Second Chance Possible for Drunk Driver with First-Time DUI

It is possible for some people to get a second chance after receiving DUI charges. This chance is often welcomed by Pennsylvania residents who are facing serious drunk driving penalties. A drunk driving conviction can affect a person for years. It can also be difficult for a person to keep a job or go to school after a DUI conviction, since a DUI often results in the loss of a driver’s license.

In some cases, there are penalties that hold drunk drivers accountable but still give them a chance to turn their lives around. The superintendent of a Pennsylvania school district may have this chance. According to authorities, the Bethlehem-Center School District superintendent had crashed her car after driving with a blood alcohol content of twice the legal limit. Police say she had been chewing gum to disguise the smell of alcohol on her breath, but later admitted to drinking wine before the accident.

There is a probation program in Pennsylvania for those with first-time DUI convictions that can give them the chance to have their arrest records expunged. The program, which usually takes about a year to complete, must be finished without any further incidents. The superintendent has a hearing in May, during which she hopes to find out if she qualifies for the program.

Such a program can be greatly beneficial to those with no previous arrests. Giving people the chance to learn from their mistakes can enable them to get help for an alcohol problem, give them the tools they need to avoid making the same mistake again and allow them to continue working or going to school with dignity.