Sentence Handed Down for Deadly 2011 DUI Crash

A man was sentenced on Nov. 10 for his role in causing an accident that killed two twins in Pennsylvania. The accident occurred in October 2011 on Interstate 84 as the twins were driving to New York to celebrate their 40th birthdays.

According to court documents, the man was driving a dump truck at the time of the accident when he suffered a seizure. The seizure caused his dump truck to cross over the median, where he struck the vehicle in which the twins were driving, killing them both.

Following the accident, investigators learned that the driver had a history of seizures, which he had failed to reveal to his employer. He also had not informed the Department of Motor Vehicles of this condition when he applied for and received his commercial driver’s license. In addition, the man’s blood came back positive for synthetic marijuana upon blood testing. He pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter and DUI. The judge sentenced him to two years at a drug and alcohol treatment program followed by 13 years of probation.

When people have medical conditions, such as a history of seizures, they are supposed to report this to the Department of Motor Vehicles. Normally, people who have regular seizures are not allowed to drive unless they obtain a medical clearance from their physician and have remained seizure-free for a period of time. When a person fails to report such a condition and then causes a fatal truck accident, he or she may face both criminal penalties and civil liability. The family members of people who are killed in an accident caused by a negligent or wrongful driver may benefit from consulting with a personal injury attorney. The attorney may be able to help the family recover damages from the driver by filing a wrongful death lawsuit.