5 Consequences of Youth Substance Abuse

When you are young, you are surrounded by outside influences seeking to guide you in a specific direction. One of the most harmful things a young person can be influenced by is substance abuse. When misused, drugs and alcohol can have serious consequences. If a young person in your life is abusing drugs or alcohol, you should consider contacting a drug crimes lawyer to help you address the possible legal ramifications of their actions.

Academic Trouble

Education is key to understanding the world and creating a foundation for future learning or career prospects. Adolescent substance abuse is associated with declining grades, absence from school and other activities, and an increased risk of dropping out.

Physical and Mental Health Issues

People who abuse drugs risk overdosing and developing health problems, like liver diseases. Drinking large amounts of alcohol in a short period puts you at risk of alcohol poisoning and can potentially lead to a coma and death. Abusing substances can also significantly impair brain and other bodily functions. Impairment from teenage substance abuse can lead to serious accidents resulting in disabilities or death. 

Also, mental health problems are more common among substance-abusing youth than nonusers. Substance abuse is frequently associated with mental health issues such as depression, developmental delays, and other psychosocial dysfunctions in adolescents. 

Dysfunctional Relationships with Family and Peers

Juveniles who abuse substances are often alienated from and stigmatized by their peers and become involved with harmful peer groups. Young people’s abuse of alcohol and other drugs can dramatically disrupt many aspects of family life and create dysfunction. Dealing with substance abuse is time-intensive and emotionally exhausting for families.

Financial Losses

Minors and their families can incur financial losses in various ways because of substance abuse. Substance abuse can drain a family’s finances as parents and guardians attempt to remedy the situation. Methods such as therapy and rehabilitation can be costly while also lasting for an extended time. If a minor becomes involved with the juvenile justice system, there will also be court costs and legal fees.


Though one may not cause the other, delinquency and substance abuse are closely linked. Substance abuse can have legal ramifications, and criminal activity comes with legal, social, and economic consequences. For the youth who abuse drugs and alcohol, arrest and intervention by the juvenile justice system are often inevitable outcomes. Many youths who abuse drugs and alcohol also become involved in other criminal activities.

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