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Working in construction necessarily means working from scaffolding and ladders.  When you or a loved one have fallen from scaffolding or a ladder on a construction or other job site, you likely have a number of important questions.  How will you pay your medical bills? Who will support your family while you recover? Are you eligible for workers’ compensation?

Getting the advice of an experienced lawyer can be key to protecting your rights—and our seasoned injury lawyers are here to help.  At Rubin, Glickman, Steinberg, and Gifford, we have amassed over 270 years’ worth of collective experience handling injury claims in Southeastern Pennsylvania.  We’ve built our track record of success by putting 65 years of hard work and experience to work for our clients.

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We’re ready to put our legal knowledge and attention to detail to work in your scaffolding or ladder fall accident case today.  The first step to recovering compensation is understanding your legal rights. In your initial free case evaluation, we’ll explain how we can help and what you can expect as your case proceeds. 

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Common Causes of Scaffolding and Ladder Fall Accidents

Working from scaffolding or a ladder shouldn’t be dangerous in and of itself.  OSHA provides detailed safety requirements designed to keep workers safe from these types of workplace accidents.  Scaffolding or ladder fall accidents might be caused by:

  • Failure to provide proper safety harnesses, vests and other equipment for workers under Pennsylvania law,
  • Improper training or supervision,
  • Failure to clear the area surrounding the scaffolding or ladder,
  • Placing the ladder or scaffolding improperly, including near electrical currents,
  • Failing to properly construct or support the scaffolding,
  • Failure to ensure that the scaffolding or ladder can support the relevant weight,
  • Failing to inspect the scaffolding or ladder to ensure safety.

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Regardless of the root cause, scaffolding and ladder fall accidents usually occur when:

  • Something falls from the scaffolding or ladder and hits a worker below,
  • The ladder or scaffolding support collapses,
  • Tripping or slipping from the structure,
  • Electrocution.

Even if you were partly at fault for causing the scaffolding or ladder fall accident, you should be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits.  Similarly, if your employer’s negligence caused the accident, you can recover workers’ compensation. What many clients don’t realize is that they might be entitled to additional compensation by filing a personal injury lawsuit against a third party.

While workers’ compensation covers your medical expenses and at least a portion of your lost wages, it doesn’t provide compensation for pain and suffering and many future expenses. When a third party’s negligence caused your accident and made it worse, we can fight for your right to added compensation.

Injuries Sustained in Scaffolding and Ladder Fall Accidents

Depending upon the heights involved and safety precautions taken, injuries sustained in scaffolding and ladder fall accidents can be severe.  You might not be able to work because of your injuries and you might even require surgeries or long-term physical therapy. Scaffolding and ladder fall accidents can cause:

Even if you’re expected to make a full recovery, a scaffolding or ladder fall injury can disrupt your life significantly.  At Rubin, Glickman, Steinberg, and Gifford, our construction accident lawyers are here to help get you the workers’ compensation benefits and other financial resources necessary to get back on track.

Why Choose Our Dedicated Construction Accident Lawyers to Protect Your Rights After a Scaffolding or Ladder Fall Accident?

Choosing a lawyer to trust with your family’s future financial stability is difficult.  At Rubin, Glickman, Steinberg, and Gifford, we’ve achieved much throughout the years, including:

  • Maintaining the highest possible AV-rating by the lawyer rating service Martindale-Hubbell since 1992,
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  • Recognition as a “Best Law Firm” by U.S. News & World Report.

We also have a track record of successfully recovering fair compensation for our injured clients.  We know the system and how important full compensation is to our clients. Whether your workers’ compensation benefits have been denied or you just have questions about what your rights are, we’re here to provide the expert legal advice you need.

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Studies show that about 65% of construction workers will climb up on a ladder or scaffolding at some point.  When someone else is careless or negligent in constructing or maintaining the area, the risk of a fall increases dramatically.  Our expert lawyers are here to make sure you get fair compensation if you’ve suffered injuries in a scaffolding or ladder fall accident.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Scaffolding and Ladder Fall Accidents in PA

FAQ: How can scaffolding and ladder fall accidents be prevented?

Both Pennsylvania and federal law provide safety regulations that should be followed at all times. Generally, you should ensure you’re wearing appropriate safety gear and check to make sure the ladder or scaffolding is on stable, level ground before climbing up. Most scaffolding should have safety railings and ladders should be high enough so that you never have to work from the top rung. Avoid working directly under the scaffolding or ladder to avoid injuries due to falling objects. Because the risk of electrocution is high when working from heights, check the surrounding areas to notice any power sources or lines that may need to be disabled.

FAQ: Who might be responsible for compensation outside workers’ compensation after a scaffolding or ladder fall accident?

Third parties who might be responsible include the company that installed the scaffolding or a manufacturer of the ladder involved. Property owners and general contractors might also be liable. You generally cannot sue your employer, but we can investigate to determine whether another party might be responsible in your case.