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Whether you are buying or selling property, concerned about protecting your most valuable asset, or experiencing landlord or tenant issues, having a real estate lawyer on your side is essential to the success of any real estate law matter. With over 65 years of experience serving clients’ legal needs in Montgomery County and Southeastern Pennsylvania, Rubin, Glickman, Steinberg & Gifford P.C., is committed to providing sound, ethical, legal representation with a focus on client service.

Our real estate lawyer, John H. Filice, offers offers a broad range of real estate experience, including both counsel and litigation. He knows what it takes to protect your rights, home, or Business during any real estate transaction.

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Our Real Estate Services

Our firm provides experienced counsel and advocacy concerning residential and commercial real estate law matters in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, including:

  • Real estate closings: Representation for homebuyers, sellers, or mortgage companies at real estate closings for commercial and residential real estate
  • Real estate disputes: Issues related to real estate disclosures, on behalf of either the buyer or seller
  • Real estate development: Assistance for property owners and local zoning boards regarding land use and zoning issues
  • Leases: Negotiation and drafting of residential and commercial lease agreements
  • Titles: Help with title searches and opinions required by lenders for property sales
  • Landlord–tenant cases: Counsel for lease negotiations and evictions for landlords and tenants
  • Construction disputes: Representation for builders, homebuyers, and developers in construction disputes, real estate litigation, and environmental law issues
  • Home inspections: Assistance with the legal aspects of home inspections

At Rubin, Glickman, Steinberg & Gifford, P.C., we are prepared to help you with all real estate matters from negotiations to litigation. When you partner with our firm, you can depend on your real estate issue being handled effectively while protecting your best interests.

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We Help Real Estate Landlords and Investors in Montgomery County, PA

We regularly assist our business clients, including real estate landlords and investors, in a wide range of real estate issues throughout Montgomery County, including:

  • Purchase agreements or agreements of sale
  • Residential and commercial lease agreements
  • Security deposits
  • Monetary disputes
  • Collection of rents owed
  • Breach of contracts
  • Evictions

The advantage of partnering with real estate attorneys at Rubin, Glickman, Steinberg & Gifford, P.C. is that we have real estate experience and the litigation background to support our advice. If you’re a tenant who is displeased with how your landlord has treated you, or you’re a landlord with eviction challenges, we are prepared to help you resolve your conflicts.

Our knowledge of landlord, investor, and tenant disagreements helps us prepare for how the other side will approach the case, enabling us to protect your best pursuits in all circumstances.

We Fight for Property Owners’ Rights

Our Montgomery County real estate attorneys are staunch supporters of property rights. We provide representation and help property owners with various property disputes, including:

Eminent domain law enables a government entity to take or destroy private property for the public interest. However, government agencies must follow specific procedures to condemn the constitutionally protected property rights of Americans properly. Just compensation is a biased assessment of damages to be paid to the owners of the property. If you are in this situation, it is highly advised that you speak with a lawyer experienced in this specific law field before agreeing to a condemner’s biased appraisal of property values.

At Rubin, Glickman, Steinberg & Gifford P.C., we may service property owners by stopping or redirecting condemnation. If that’s not possible, we may help condemnees receive full and fair compensation, moving expenses, business relocation damages, and more.

Ambiguous boundaries may also create difficulties when property owners attempt to sell their land. These disagreements are widespread in Montgomery County.

Pennsylvania Title Insurance from Fidelity Abstract Company

When you purchase residential or commercial real estate, you don’t want previous claims of ownership, unpaid taxes, or court judgments to threaten your ownership. Fidelity Abstract Company, an affiliate of Rubin, Glickman, Steinberg & Gifford P.C., offers title searches, closing services and title insurance.

We provide real estate agents, builders, lenders, homebuyers, and sellers of property with a full range of title services. For more information, visit Fidelity Abstract Company or contact our office.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Real Estate Law

When should you hire a real estate lawyer?

While there’s no legal requirement to be represented by an attorney when buying or selling real estate, having a lawyer review documents and conduct settlements can be a huge advantage during a real estate transaction. Whether you’re buying or selling property, experiencing landlord or tenant issues, or are concerned about protecting your most valuable asset, having a real estate lawyer on your side is fundamental to the success of any real estate law matter. If you decide that hiring a lawyer is best for you, reach out to our firm as soon as possible for a free consultation to discuss your case’s specifics.

What can a real estate attorney do for you?

Real estate attorneys understand and are legally authorized to review and prepare documents and contracts related to the purchase of a home. In some cases, a real estate lawyer is also in charge of your closing. In a home purchase transaction, both the seller and buyer can hire a lawyer to represent them throughout the process. Or, in cases in which an attorney is managing a closing where the home is being purchased with a mortgage loan, the lawyer may actually represent the mortgage lender.

What is real estate law?

Real estate law—sometimes called property law—is an area of law that governs buying, using, and selling land. It also manages how people acquire property and what they can do with the property they own.

If I am purchasing or selling a home, should I hire a real estate attorney to oversee the process?

If you’re going through the home-buying and mortgage processes, you may be wondering if you should hire a real estate attorney. While you aren’t required to pay for a real estate attorney when buying a house, a lawyer can be instrumental in helping represent you during the entire home-buying process. The attorney may also attend the mortgage closing and review the loan documents you sign to take ownership of your home. Hiring a lawyer is ultimately worth the up-front cost in order to help the process operate smoothly.