Client Reviews at Rubin, Glickman, Steinberg & Gifford P.C.

“John was fantastic. He made the settlement of my parents’ estates go very well. His staff also was fantastic. Thank you, Sherry!”


“Friendly, approachable, and competent; My experience with personal estate issues was very good.”


“Great firm, will use firm in the future if necessary.”


“Convenient, personal and confidential; Amy was kind and efficient.”


“Everyone is friendly. Made everything a little easier.”


“Very accessible. Matthew Wilkov was straightforward and direct.”


“Jay Glickman prepared my Will and did an excellent job.”


“We were very happy and comfortable with Attorney Steinberg, who helped us replace our car lost in an accident.”


“Bill and his team were effective in getting me through my case about as hassle-free as could be expected.”


“Thank you, Greg Gifford, for the great recommendation to use John Filice!”


“My ratings apply to both Mr. Glickman and Mr. Gifford. They delivered and so did their staff, including the receptionist. I will not hesitate to recommend your firm.”


“The service provided exceeded our expectations. Thanks.”


“Amy made it easy for us. We are not very mobile and she took that into consideration and was very accommodating.”


“It was a pleasure to deal with John. Very informative and friendly.”


“Mr. Glickman has been extremely helpful in assisting us with review and preparation of Wills, Powers of Attorney, etc. He explained many things, listened to our questions, and made many suggestions that guided us to our final documents.”


“John and his staff were great to work with during this difficult time. Sherry should also be acknowledged for all her help and support. A+ team.”


“What do I like most about this firm? Everything (and Matt Wilkov!)”


“I was impressed with the service I received from John Filice.”


“They make me feel like my problems matter.”


“John Filice was helpful and efficient. I would choose him again. Mr Gifford was also helpful and kind working with an elderly relative a number of years ago.”


“Professional, straight-forward. Mr. Gifford was personable, professional, and attentive.”


“Mr. Moore eased my anxieties every step of the process. Supportive, non-judgmental, showed care and respect to me; excellent, well-respected lawyers.”


“Attorney Glickman is intelligent and considerate. Did an excellent job on my case.”


“Honest and professional.”


“Amy is the best!”


“A friend recommended your firm and we are very happy with the service we received. We would definitely use this firm for any future legal issues and will recommend you to family and friends.”


“I chose your firm because I called Generations Senior Center to ask questions. They were booked. Your firm reached out to me after a phone call from the Senior Center to schedule with John. I like the fact that your firm provides this free service to seniors. A special shout-out to Sherry R. She was always prompt, pleasant, and professional.”


“I feel like Bill went above and beyond on my case. He was extremely knowledgeable and patient as he took the time to explain everything to me. I felt Bill cared about me and wanted what was best for ME!! HE made me feel comfortable and confident that I would get the most possible.”


“I liked the direct approach Marc took to the case and his personal knowledge.”


“John helped me so much with my Aunt’s account. John, Penny and Sherry did a GREAT job!!”


“Mr. Wilkov,

Thank you for the incredible work you put together to defend our son. We are grateful beyond words for uniting our family back together.

God Bless You and your Family!!”


“Excellent service provided over the years. Mr. Glickman is very wise and sees the little details in the big picture.”

-Drew G.

“Marc Steinberg was excellent. I see why he is so highly regarded in the industry. We were more than pleased with his services. We are very grateful to him.”

-Wendy T.

“I would definitely recommend this firm and specifically Matt Wilkov to anyone in need of legal services. Excellent lawyer. He was professional, knowledgeable, and made me and my case feel important. He was always accessible and answered any and all questions that I had.”


“You guys rock! I greatly appreciate your assistance.”

-Lorin C.

“John Filice was wonderful, helpful, kind, informative.”

-Kathy F.

“Steinberg is a great lawyer. Also fierce and yet compassionate toward others.”


“The firm is very dedicated to their clients. Matthew Wilkov answered my questions and returned my phone calls in a professional and timely manner.”

-Anthony S.

“The firm was very kind and professional. The lawyers are also kind and professional.”


“Matthew Wilkov is an excellent lawyer. He was professional, knowledgeable, and made me and my case feel important. He was always accessible and answered all of my questions. I would definitely recommend this law firm and specifically Matt Wilkov to anyone in need of legal services.”


“The staff is very nice. Matthew Wilkov is very nice and makes you feel welcome and not judged at all. I felt like he really cared about my case.”

-Tasha G.

“We were very satisfied with all aspects of your firm and look forward to applying for your services in the future. Everyone was very professional, caring, and supportive.”

-Charles and Carol S.

“When Lawyers weren’t available, the assistants were very helpful. There was consistent communication.”


“The firm was very friendly and helpful. They were genuinely concerned, determined, and willing to work with me.”

-Theresa T.

“It was easy to talk with Jay. A real down-to-earth man.”


“Thank you for all your help and support! I am grateful beyond words.”

-Emily S.

“Marc was always helpful and attentive and reassuring.”

-Jane K.

“Matt explained court process and warned about problems with accepting a plea.”


“Matt was very efficient and reassuring on all aspects of my case. He was very professional and attentive to all my concerns and made me feel at ease through the process.”

-Stefanie M.

“Your thoughtfulness and understanding was sincerely appreciated. You helped us through a very difficult situation and in a timely and professional manner.”

Carol S.

“Basically, I felt like I was Matt’s one and only client when working with him. I always had his undivided attention. Was a great experience. All positive in every aspect and interaction. Would definitely refer a friend and will use this firm if ever in need again.”

-Jolene V.

“Pleased with the results rendered. Great person with a great attitude. Matt never let me down. Always strived for the best outcome for me.”

-Barbara S.

“John Filice is very knowledgeable and takes his time with clients in order to gather all of the correct information.”

-Maureen B.

“Matt was very informative and personable. So glad we had him on our side.”

-Linda and Joe L.

“If I ever need/require attorney services I will go straight to Matt.”


“Without question we will refer your law firm.”

-Lucille K.

“Matt Wilkov explains things at a normal level instead of “legal terms” which helped a lot!”

-Daniel H.

“Our family has both a personal and professional relationship with the firm and its lawyers and couldn’t be happier with their many years of service and professionalism.”

-Joshua B.

“Matt was responsive and easy to work with. I would recommend him to others in need of these services. Hopefully, I will not need any additional services, but if I did I would call Matt.”

-Ann M

“Would highly recommend Attorney Filice to anyone. Professional, friendly, accessible, good sense of humor, knowledgeable.”

-Mark and Adelaide R.

“Powerful team.”

Robert R.

“Professional, knowledgeable, easy to work with. I was extremely satisfied with Greg as my attorney.”


“Courteous, kind, considerate, knowledgeable and a gracious professional – Mr. Steinberg is an asset to your firm.”

-Donna H.

“Lew Goodman is friendly and efficient. He showed a personal interest in me. I would also like to recognize Karen for her support and attentiveness to detail and her caring way. She is an absolute positive resource to the firm.”

-Paul R.

“My son and I were very satisfied with Bill. We felt comfortable explaining our situation with Bill and he made us confident we chose the right lawyer for him. I will recommend Bill and your firm to others. Thank you.”

-Nancy F.

“Could not have been happier with Marc. Would highly recommend. Thanks for everything.”

-Audrey G.

“Efficient and professional. Marc Steinberg is the best.”

-Peter F.

“We met with Mr. Glickman and were very impressed with his knowledge and competence.”

-Bob and Karen K.

“Greg treated me very good, help was always there; 10 out of 10! Keep up the good work. Thanks again, Greg.”

-John B.

“Mr. Steinberg is very caring and supportive. He made a very difficult situation easier. He is very knowledgeable about Montgomery County legal issues.”

Marsha I.

“Bill Moore looked into my case and gave me guidance and respect. He was always available to answer my questions. Thank you Mr. Moore!”

-Linda C.

“Helpful and friendly staff. I can speak to the lawyers one on one.”

-Donna S.

“I trust Greg Gifford. He has a local presence and award-winning recognition.”

-Stuart D.

“Matt and Susan and also Kathy were wonderful people and so very understanding when I called. Thank you so very much in all your hard work and I will tell all my friends and other people about your law firm. Number 1 Law Firm!!”

-Janet C.

“I have never been in trouble. Marc made me feel at ease and did an excellent job.”

-Anne M.

“Dealing with Greg Gifford was an absolute pleasure. I would not hesitate to contact RGS&G should any future needs arise.”

-Barry B.

“Keep doing what you are doing. I am very satisfied with your service and will use it again when I need to.”

-Barry E.

“I believe this firm and Amy Stern did an excellent job representing me in what is needed. Thanks again!”

-Bernard G.

“Amy helped me through a very difficult time in my life. Thank you!”

-Beth T.

“I appreciate the assistance that John has given me during this ordeal. I also want John to know that I felt very comfortable with him, his approach, and the way in which he handled our conversations. It is sometimes very difficult to find and retain the proper professional help.”

-Brian D.

“He is one exceptional lawyer, who I will refer to should I ever need one.”

-Carol R.

“Matt Wilkov was wonderful to work with and our family can’t thank him enough! Great firm to deal with!”

-Cathleen P.

“John was so professional and such a pleasure to work with. He followed up with return calls. I am so glad I came to this law firm.”

-Dave B.

“I was very impressed with how easy and painless Mr. Wilkov made this process for me. I wouldn’t hesitate going to him again if any other legal issues surface in the future. Thank you for all your help Matt!”

-Dena C.

“Lewis Goodman was our attorney. We were referred to him by a family member. We were very pleased with his professional manner, personal interest, attentiveness to our matter, etc. We will be sure to refer you to others.”

-Don and Ann S.

“I feel extremely grateful for the assistance that Jay Glickman and his wonderful support team provided to me and my family at a difficult time.”

-Emily H.

“Mr. Steinberg was an amazing attorney and was able to help me with my legal matters in such a professional and apt manner. I greatly appreciated his services.”

-Erin B.

“He was excellent – restored my faith in some lawyers.”

-Frances M.

“I was sent to Mr. Gifford by an individual who highly regarded him as a lawyer and a person that both prosecution and defense people respected, that says volumes about him and your firm. Thank you for the great service.”

-George E.

“Mr. Filice was very patient and calm. Did not waste money and was truthful. It was a pleasure to work with someone with a high level of integrity. Thank you.”

-Heather H.

“Greg is an excellent attorney. He puts the needs of his clients at the highest priority. He is known in my community as an outstanding lawyer. An asset to the firm.”

-Ian F.

“My mother and myself think Bill did an outstanding job with this matter and thank him very much.”

-J. Landis

“Matt was an excellent advocate for me and totally looked out for my interests. His ability to negotiate and his knowledge of torts was exceptional.”

-Jamey J.

“Bill was upfront with me about the possibilities, but was committed to providing me with the best possible situation!”

-Jason P.

“Bill was the right man.”

-Jay J.

“Exceptional in all things! A+”

-Jean O.

“Thank you for all your help. My family and I both thank you! Also Matt, you’re a wonderful person and lawyer.”

-Jean P.

“Very professional, handled everything superbly.”

-Joe G.

“John Filice is an excellent attorney. He went above and beyond the call of duty. He did a stellar job.”

-John E. 

“When I come here and when I leave I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I tell everyone about this firm.”

-Julie K. 

“Matt exceeded my expectations. He is a genius and I will recommend your firm to everyone I meet! You have an incredible attorney.”

-June H. 

“Greg supported our family through a very difficult time and always made us feel confident, secure and sincerely cared for. Our words can’t express how grateful we are for his work on our behalf!”

-Katherine A. 

“I really like Amy – She really cares and is very sincere. Thanks so much.”

-Laurey P. 

“Jay and staff handled my mother’s estate after she passed away. Everyone was very helpful and we appreciated everyone’s efforts.”

-Luanne A. 

“We are very pleased with our experience with Mr. Glickman and the office staff. Our concerns & questions were met and answered. The professionalism and knowledge Mr. Glickman exhibits are highly appreciated and regarded.”

-Mark and Teresita R. 

“I am very grateful to Jay C. Glickman for his excellent service. Not only is he an able attorney; I consider him a trusted adviser and counselor.”

-Marlene S. 

“I am sincerely grateful for all your help during this difficult time in my life. I appreciate all you have done for me. It was reassuring going to someone that was empathetic and understanding as you were. You are an excellent lawyer and I would recommend your services to anyone.”

-Meg L. 

“I would definitely refer someone to this law firm. I am a very pleased client.”

-Michele S. 

“Just wanted to say hello and thank you for all of your help with my social security disability. You knew exactly the way things would move along, and I appreciate everything and your concern.”

-Pam L. 

“We can only say good things about Greg. He provided knowledgeable estate service in a caring, professional way. Greg is a fine representative of your firm, both professionally and personally – a real asset.”

-Phyllis and John B. 

“William Moore got me the best case scenario, above expectations. Thank you.”

-Robert S. 

“I love my attorney!”

-Ruth S. 

“Very satisfied in John’s representing me to settle my aunt’s estate. Have recommended him and the law office to other people.”

-Sarah G. 

“He’s outstanding.”

-Stephanie T. 

“Amy Stern was a great help in a time of horrible stress.”

-Stephen M. 

“We would like to thank Lewis for all of his help and patience and hard work.”

-Steve and Debbie D. 

“I thought William Moore was an extremely competent and knowledgeable lawyer and also very considerate.”

-Steven T. 

“Jay’s calming reassuring nature is a great comfort when in a stressful situation.”

-Susan S. 

“Jay was wonderful and took time explaining all the details for my general will and my living will. Very professional and very helpful.”

-Sylvia S. 

“Our first experience with your firm, Jay Glickman, specifically, was very helpful, courteous, competent, and enjoyable. Very satisfied.”

-Thomas D. 

“Thanks to Lew our problems have been resolved. We had no doubt when we met with Lew that our problems would be solved. When we walked in the door and met Lew he was strong and confident. Thank you!”

-Tom and Christine W. 

“Mr. Gifford is incredible at what he does and I consider myself fortunate to be his client.” 


“Very responsive and professional. Matt Quigg was outstanding”


“Thank you, Bill, for your brilliant defense. We are very thankful we chose such a professional, thoughtful and understanding person. We will certainly recommend you and your firm to others!”

-George O.

“Seeing a lawyer is intimidating, nothing you do every day. John Filice was excellent and helped us feel comfortable as “regular folk.” He was attentive and helpful with scheduling times for us and our difficult work schedule. Everything went well. Penny was great too. We feel comfortable with this firm and will be our “go to” if needed. Thx!”

-Sharon and Steve

“I am extremely satisfied with Amy. She responds promptly and I am very confident in her ability to handle my matter. I am very pleased with the staff, the people who answer the phone. I cannot say enough about you and your staff. I will be a long-time client!”


“Matt Wilkov was super easy to work with. Furthermore, he offered professional assistance on other matters after our case. If I ever need a lawyer in this area, I will seek out Matt Wilkov!”

-Corinne M.

“Jay was thorough, efficient, warm, and treated us as if we were a family member. Thank you, Jay!”

-Betty and John

“We never anticipated the need for legal assistance. Life throws surprises. We are grateful for the introduction to your firm and to Mr. Steinberg six years ago and for the excellent counsel and support extended to protect the interests of our family since that time. Thank you!”

-Kirk and Eileen

“Greg Gifford and his assistant, Sue, provided me with outstanding service throughout my case. I could not ask for better services…. Please make sure they understand how much I appreciated their help!”

-Edward S.

“Matt Q. was very kind to me.”

-Alexander G.

I would like to thank Jay and the entire staff for helping me through the estate.  I was crushed when “he” died.  You made it much easier for me.


“Jay has a heart of gold and dots every I and crosses every T!  I understand all aspects of my Will.  He leaves no stone unturned!  Jay Glickman is a true gentleman.