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In Pennsylvania, motorcycles have become a trendy alternative to four-wheel passenger vehicles. From a motorcycle’s fuel efficiency to its ability to navigate through heavy traffic, there are many benefits beyond just the thrill of the ride. However, anyone who drives a motorcycle in Pennsylvania is at risk of being involved in a traffic accident. Though this danger is inherently present for any driver involved in a crash or collision, motorcyclists face a higher probability that an accident will result in severe and life-threatening injuries.

Nearly 900,000 Pennsylvania residents have Class M motorcycle licenses. For these individuals, what may start as a scenic day trip throughout Southeastern Pennsylvania can quickly turn into a tragedy when distracted and speeding drivers fail to see them.

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At Rubin, Glickman, Steinberg & Gifford P.C., we stand up for the rights of individuals who have been injured in motorcycle accidents. Our team of highly skilled personal injury attorneys helps injured motorcyclists and their family members recover the compensation they need and deserve after a traffic accident.

Why Are Motorcycle Accidents on Pennsylvania Roads and Highways So Deadly?

No one is immune to suffering an injury in an accident. Drivers of all vehicles—from motorcycles to trucks and everything in between—suffer three million injuries every year in the U.S. Nevertheless, the more safety features and protections you have in and around your vehicle, the safer you are. That’s why drivers of semi-trucks and big rigs are less prone to injury than drivers of passenger vehicles.

With no seat belts, bumpers, or airbags, motorcyclists and their passengers are much more vulnerable to suffering serious and debilitating injuries. Motorcycles aren’t equipped with the same safeguards, so injuries and fatalities are more common. In fact, 13 out of every 100,000 cars are involved in a fatal accident, versus 72 per every 100,000 motorcycles. Common injuries include:

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The doctor and hospital bills associated with treating these types of severe injuries can quickly add up. Additionally, many motorcycle accident survivors have ongoing and costly rehabilitative needs and may be unable to return to work for extended periods. 

However, motorcyclists are not always at fault when involved in a crash. In fact, motorcycle accidents involving a negligent driver are more common than you might think. These types of accidents are typically a result of drivers not seeing the smaller, quicker, and less noticeable motorcycle. If you think someone else may be at fault for your motorcycle accident, contact a credible Montgomery County motorcycle accident attorney to help you fight for the compensation you deserve.

The doctor and hospital bills associated with treating these types of severe injuries can quickly total into the tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Additionally, many motorcycle accident survivors have ongoing and costly rehabilitative and long-term care needs and may be unable to return to work for months, if ever.

Filing a Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit in Pennsylvania

If you’ve suffered an injury in a motorcycle crash, you may decide to file a personal injury lawsuit against the at-fault party. This claim will be based on a theory of negligence, as car and truck drivers sometimes ignore or fail to share the road with motorcyclists. For example, a driver may make an unsafe lane change in order to pass a motorcyclist. If you can show that the driver was negligent, you may be able to hold them accountable for your injuries.

To prove negligence, you must demonstrate that the at-fault driver had a duty to exercise reasonable care, they breached that duty, and the violation was the reason for your injuries. Some signs that a driver was negligent include unsafe lane changes, texting, speeding, or otherwise driving while distracted. If you file a prompt claim and can determine liability, you may obtain compensation from the at-fault party in your case and recover past medical bills, future expenses, lost income, property damage, and pain and suffering.

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