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Guiding You Through the Name Change Process in Pennsylvania

It is illegal to assume a name other than your own or the name you have been known as without taking the necessary legal steps to change it. This is a relatively simple legal process, but should be handled with care and attention to detail. Your legal name affects many aspects of your life, from your bank accounts and mailing address to your job and health insurance.

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The most common reasons for a name change are marriage and divorce. Other reasons people choose to change their names include:

  • Changing last name to mother’s maiden.
  • Identifying with a foreign nationality.
  • Religious reasons.
  • Changing a child’s name after an adoption.
  • Wanting to share a last name with a partner.
  • Reclaiming a family name that was shortened or changed many years ago.
  • Simple dislike for their name.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Changing Your Name

What are the legal requirements for a name change in Pennsylvania?

Before a name change process can begin, you must first obtain a name change form from your local Court of Common Pleas. After obtaining an application, you’ll need to fill out a Petition for Name Change, which includes your current name, date of birth, addresses from the past 5 years, new name, and a reason for the name change. In addition, you’ll have to verify that there are no judgments against you and if you have a criminal record. Finally, the Court requires you to file a fingerprint card, at which point the Clerk of Record checks for outstanding judgments and performs a criminal background check.

Do I have to go to court to file for a legal name change?

Yes, you will have to go to court if you want to file for a name change in Pennsylvania. Once the Petition, Verification, and a blank Notice of Hearing Order is filed at the appropriate Court of Common Pleas and the courts have received the documents, you’ll receive a notice for the date of their hearing. Applicants must physically appear in court, and anyone who wants to attend the hearing and object to the name change can do so and voice their objections. If the court approves the name change, it’s legal after the Order is signed by the judge.

Do I need a name change lawyer to legally change my name?

While having a lawyer isn’t required to change your name, securing the help of an experienced legal professional can be instrumental in easing the process and reducing your stress. In Pennsylvania, the process for changing your name can be extremely complicated, and the proper procedure must be followed for the law to recognize your new name. At Rubin, Glickman, Steinberg, and Gifford, we’re dedicated to helping you through the Pennsylvania name change process. For assistance changing your name in Pennsylvania, contact our team today.