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Have you received a denial of coverage in a workers’ compensation case? Under Pennsylvania law, you may file a claim petition for review of your claim. We can handle this for you. It is very important that this be done accurately.

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The Workers’ Compensation Appeals Process in Pennsylvania

The appeals process is complex and deadline-driven. If you are planning an appeal, it is best to move forward with the assistance of an attorney who can help you keep your claim moving forward.

If a workers’ compensation judge hands down an unfavorable result, you can appeal the decision to the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Appeal Board. You must move quickly, however, if you wish to appeal: you have only 20 days to submit the necessary paperwork.

If the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Appeal Board issues an unfavorable decision, you have the ability to appeal the issue to a higher court: the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court. This appeal must be made within 30 days of the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Appeal Board’s decision.

After the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court, you have the opportunity to appeal one final time, to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. If the Supreme Court decides to take your case, it will issue a final decision to definitively resolve the dispute.

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