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Why are internet crimes federally prosecuted?

With people doing so much more on the internet, but doing little to protect their private information, identity theft continues to be rampant. However, the government and other agencies are attempting to crack down on internet crime by ramping up online security efforts to catch individuals who defraud, steal or commit other types of internet crimes.

If you face criminal charges in this area, you could face very serious and severe penalties, including a lengthy prison sentence and costly restitution fines. Such crimes fall under federal jurisdiction, and the government takes these types of crimes very seriously, even if the criminal activity relates to a minor offense. 

Are your finances ready for divorce?

Your divorce is finally coming to an end. As you prepare for a new life in Pennsylvania without your spouse in tow, it is important to get your finances in order before everything is officially finalized. Throughout the years, you have mixed finances with your soon-to-be ex-spouse and opened a few joint accounts. You may have several major assets in both of your names. No matter how much you think you deserve to take complete ownership of certain accounts, properties and other marital assets, the law may say otherwise.  

The laws of equitable distribution govern your divorce and the separation of marital assets must be fair. This means that you'll likely need to assess and make adjustments to your personal finances to ensure you can maintain the standard of living you grew accustomed to. Here are some suggestions to help improve your post-divorce financial picture. 

Tips on avoiding a winter car accident

As you know, winters in Pennsylvania can be brutal. Not only do drivers have to contend with sleet and snow, but we have periodic ice storms that can turn a stretch of highway into ice skating rinks. You may not be able to avoid an accident caused by another driver, but you can make choices behind the wheel that may reduce your chances of getting into a crash this winter.

Methods spouses use to conceal assets

If you suspect your marriage may be nearing its end, you may also be dealing with a loss of trust in your relationship. If you get the feeling your spouse may be readying to leave you, you may also believe he or she is beginning to stockpile assets in an effort to set his or herself up financially in the event of divorce.

Regrettably, spouses often conceal assets from one another when they suspect their marriages are circling the drain, and many people rely on similar methods in doing so. For example, if you suspect your spouse is trying to hide property from you, know that he or she may do so by:

The 3 most important steps to recovering from an injury

Injuries are an unfortunate fact of life, but if another party is responsible, they should be held accountable for the harm caused by their malice or negligence. Whether you have suffered an injury on the job, in a business environment or in a public space, you should not underestimate the severity and possible lasting consequences of your injury. 

If you suffer an injury and believe that another party was at fault, it's wise to pursue legal action to recover damages. It's also wise to take your injury seriously and to following your doctor's advice. 

3 types of late-appearing injuries after a car accident

Accidents happen all the time throughout the state of Pennsylvania. In fact, statistics from 2016 show that nearly 15 accidents occurred every hour in the state. Out of those crashes, approximately nine injuries would take place every hour as well.

People need to protect themselves after a crash, which means seeing a doctor after experiencing a vehicle collision. Many forego this because they feel fine. Unfortunately, not all injuries manifest immediately. Going to a doctor appointment now will help greatly with three specific types of late-appearing injuries if the accident ends up requiring legal assistance.

3 reasons to reduce or terminate spousal support payments

Now that it has been a few years since your divorce, you might be wondering if your alimony payments are still necessary. Perhaps you have noticed your former spouse moving in with a partner who is financially supportive. Maybe you lost your job. Whatever the situation is, you might have a chance at reducing or terminating your alimony payments.

According to Pennsylvania law, modification of spousal support requires “a substantial change in circumstances.” What does this mean? Here are a few reasons why you may be able to pursue a modification.

How to modify a child custody order in Pennsylvania

The finalization of your divorce can bring a huge sense of relief and mark a turning point in your life. Unfortunately, a divorce degree does not necessarily mean that you and your ex are done with legal battles. 

One of the ways in which lawyers may become involved again is through a child custody modification. if your ex is cooperative, you can quickly handle any requested changes to an existing child custody order outside of court. If however, you or your ex take issue with the requested changes, changing your current agreement can be a long and contentious process. 

3 tips for winning your child custody case in Pennsylvania

Being a parent, as you begin the divorce process, one of the most emotional and confusing aspects may revolve around child custody decisions. Regardless of your marital problems, you love your child and want to be involved in his or her life. As a father, you may worry about the outcome of a child custody hearing. It is important to know that Pennsylvania child custody laws are gender-neutral and based on the best interests of your child.

This fact, however, does not guarantee that you will win your child custody case. Keep reading for three tips to increase your chances of success.

3 strategies for protecting your business during divorce

As a business owner with a considerable amount of assets, there are specific things you need to consider when going through a divorce. Along with the personal and financial difficulties associated with any divorce, you must evaluate how your business may be affected. If your spouse contributed to your business’s growth or your revenues substantially increased during the course of your marriage, you likely share a significant amount of joint assets.

Even if marital and business assets aren’t co-mingled, barring a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement, your spouse is likely to still have a financial interest in your business that must be considered when dividing assets. Find out three things you can do to protect your business during divorce.

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