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Criminal charges at the federal level usually carry harsh penalties. However, almost any case can be federally indicted if some aspect of the crime moved through interstate commerce. Those charged with federal crimes face not only severe criminal consequences but a damaged reputation as well.

The attorneys of Rubin, Glickman, Steinberg & Gifford P.C. have extensive experience practicing in federal courts throughout Pennsylvania. We understand that federal criminal defense matters are severe, and we’re equipped to defend you against these allegations. Contact us today online or by phone to speak with an experienced Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, federal criminal defense lawyer.

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Types of Federal Criminal Cases We Handle

Our law firm handles a wide range of criminal defense matters for clients throughout Montgomery County, Bucks County, and Southeastern Pennsylvania. Our talented team of federal criminal defense lawyers includes those certified by the National Board of Trial Advocacy and experienced in the most serious of cases. Regardless of the federal crime you have been charged with, you can rely on our Montgomery County federal criminal defense lawyers to strategically and effectively handle your case.  

We provide experienced defense representation to clients facing a wide range of federal criminal charges, including:

Experienced Criminal Lawyers Defending Federal Cases in Pennsylvania

If you have been charged with or are facing federal criminal allegations, federal law enforcement agents have likely been gathering evidence and building a case against you for some time now. Thinking quickly, finding all the facts, and working swiftly to build a robust defense strategy are all keys to success in a federal criminal case.  

When you retain our federal criminal defense lawyers, we use all our resources—including authoritative experts, from forensics specialists to accountants—in your defense. We prepare each case as though it will go to trial and do not advise our clients to accept plea bargains that aren’t in their very best interests. If a plea deal is necessary, we don’t blindly agree to the prosecutor’s initial offer. We negotiate tenaciously on our client’s behalf to guarantee that they receive the best result possible under the prevailing circumstances.

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What Is Considered a Federal Offense?

Various agencies control specific federal offenses, so the respective governmental agency involved will establish the course of events in your case. Depending on the law you allegedly violated and other considerations in your case, you may be charged with a federal offense instead of a state-level crime. That generally happens when:

  • You break a federal statute
  • The crime was allegedly carried out on federal property
  • The crime reportedly crossed state borders, either physically or online
  • Federal law enforcement agents investigated the crime
  • Your arrest was connected with information reported by an informant

When your arrest can be charged at either the state or federal level, the prosecutors usually make that call. There are various reasons that the prosecutors may permit the crime to be handled in state court. However, when a crime can be indicted as a federal offense, it frequently is. The federal government typically allows for harsher sentences and enables prosecutors to appear as though they’re tough on crime. There are even times that charges for the same conduct can be brought by both Federal and State prosecutors simultaneously.

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Are you facing federal criminal allegations? Do you have reason to believe you are being investigated for alleged criminal activity? If so, don’t wait another day to consult with an experienced federal criminal defense attorney. The laws governing federal crimes are often complicated, and your federal criminal lawyer must have a clear understanding of these laws to prepare a powerful defense strategy.

At Rubin, Glickman, Steinberg & Gifford P.C., our award-winning criminal defense lawyers have broad experience in litigating federal cases in Pennsylvania. Some of the attorneys in our criminal defense practice are former prosecutors who know how the opposition operates. We use that knowledge to build robust cases for our clients. We are familiar with federal court rules and procedures and have a long track record of achieving favorable results for our clients.