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Unemployment compensation is an important facet of the economy, providing a safety net for thousands of out-of-work Pennsylvanians. However, both employees and employers can face legal conflicts and complications involving unemployment law. When such issues arise, it is important to have the counsel of an experienced unemployment law attorney.

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Pennsylvania Unemployment Law

Pennsylvania unemployment compensation laws are designed to protect people who become unemployed through no fault of their own. With the myriad employment situations that can arise, there are gray areas; disputes must be decided in administrative hearings and in court.

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If you are engaged in an unemployment dispute, our lawyers can help you explore your legal options. We are well-versed in the state laws that govern these cases and have extensive experience representing clients in front of administrative boards, in unemployment litigation, and in appeals.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Unemployment Laws in Montgomery County

I was just fired from my job. How do I know if it was a wrongful termination?

Most employment is considered at-will, which means that both you and your employer can decide at any time to terminate your working relationship. If you were fired from your job, there are a few ways that you can surmise whether the termination was wrongful or not. Some telltale indicators include: 

  • Breach of written contract or promise: If your employer outlined the terms of your employment in writing and promised job security, then you may have legal recourse if you’ve been terminated without cause. 
  • Breach of good faith and fair dealing: If your employer has acted in a way that indicates they are not dealing in good faith, this might be wrongful termination. Examples include obviously terminating one employee to hire someone else to work for lower pay or terminating a sales employee to avoid paying commission. 
  • Public policy violation: If you are terminated for something like serving jury duty or taking time off to vote, this may be a violation of public policy and be considered wrongful termination. 
  • Discrimination: If an employer obviously discriminated against you when terminating your employment, this would fall under the parameters of a wrongful firing.

There are many other ways that a termination may be considered unlawful depending on the circumstances. This is one of the reasons it is imperative to work with an unemployment attorney as they can better tell you if Pennsylvania employment law upholds such a designation or not.

When should I hire an unemployment attorney?

You should consult with a Pennsylvania employment attorney immediately after being terminated. A qualified legal professional can apprise you of your rights and recommend next steps to support your claim. Depending on the circumstances, you may need to gather documentation or speak with other employees that may have witnessed the situation that led to your termination. Your attorney can guide you through the entire process, so that you have everything you need to move forward with a claim. 

Moreover, hiring an attorney right away will ensure that any steps you need to take to file a claim happen within the appropriate time parameters following your termination. If you wait, you might inadvertently do something to compromise the likelihood of an ideal case outcome.

Do I need an attorney to attend my unemployment hearing?

Once you retain counsel, your Pennsylvania employment attorney will apprise you of best practices regarding your unemployment hearing and who should be present. As a general rule, your attorney should be present for all official hearings and meetings regarding your case. This ensures that your employer has all the necessary information to proceed with your case, and they can ensure that you do not do or say anything that might compromise your case outcome.