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Explosions and fire accidents can be especially challenging.  The injuries you may sustain can be severe and life-threatening.  In many cases, the most clear and valuable evidence is destroyed in the fire.  In the aftermath, you may be facing high medical bills, lost paychecks, and confusing insurance paperwork.  Our legal team is here to help.

At Rubin, Glickman, Steinberg, and Gifford, our experience in helping accident victims recover compensation is unmatched in Southeastern Pennsylvania.  Over the past 65 years, we’ve established our firm as a leading advocate for victims’ rights. Our accident lawyers and support team work closely with you and your family from the beginning until the end of your case to help get the fair compensation you deserve.

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Construction and worksites in Montgomery County all carry their own unique risks.  You don’t take on the risk of being seriously injured in an explosion or fire accident.  Our veteran accident lawyers are here to make sure you don’t ultimately shoulder the financial burden of your injuries. 

Whether your case involves workers’ compensation, premises liability or a personal injury lawsuit, we’re here to help.  Call or contact our office for a free initial consultation today.

How do Explosion & Fire Accidents Occur?

Workers in certain industries are especially vulnerable to explosions and fire accidents that can produce the most catastrophic injuries.  We help clients recover fair compensation in all types of explosion and fire accident cases in Bucks County and throughout Southeastern PA.  Explosions and fires most often take place in:

  • Chemical plants,
  • Oil refineries,
  • Coal plants,
  • Construction sites, where digging may cause gas line fires and explosions,
  • Vehicle collisions,
  • Accidents involving trucks carrying chemicals,
  • Accidents involving leaking gas pipes in older buildings.

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What Happens in an Explosion or Fire Accident?

The most common injuries sustained in an explosion or fire accident are burn injuries and internal damage caused by smoke inhalation.  More specifically, many explosion and fire accident victims suffer from:

  • Chemical inhalation injuries,
  • Nerve damage,
  • Crush injuries due to collapsed structures,
  • Injuries to the ears and eyes, which may result in permanent hearing or vision loss,
  • Respiratory ailments or failure,
  • Heart damage,
  • Brain injuries resulting from concussions,
  • Severe burns, both from chemical exposure and from the flames themselves,
  • Death.

After an explosion or fire accident, it’s likely that a detailed investigation will take place.  However, these investigations tend to be led by the parties who are potentially responsible for the accident—which may include:

  • Your employers,
  • Property owners,
  • Gas companies,
  • Contractors and subcontractors.

If you’ve been injured in an explosion or fire accident, call our trusted accident lawyers as soon as possible so that we can protect your interests.

How Our Experienced Accident Lawyers Can Help Recover Compensation After an Explosion or Fire Accident

Explosion and fire accidents at work give you the right to workers’ compensation no matter who caused the accident.  However, workers’ compensation might deny your claim. They might argue that you caused the accident or that you went to the wrong doctor.  In many cases, your workers’ compensation benefit may simply be incorrect. 

At Rubin, Glickman, Steinberg, and Gifford, our labor accident lawyers can help with all aspects of your explosion or fire accident claim, including by:

  • Quickly preserving all of the available evidence from the fire or explosion,
  • Helping you file the initial workers’ compensation paperwork—complete and on time—if the fire or explosion was a work accident,
  • Calculating your fair workers’ compensation benefit to ensure you’re getting the amount you deserve,
  • Advocating on your behalf with the insurance company if your workers’ compensation claim was denied or the insurance company miscalculated your benefit,
  • Investigating to determine whether a third party was partially to blame for the fire or explosion, and so may be responsible via a personal injury lawsuit,
  • Consulting with accident reconstruction experts who can testify to the root cause of the explosion or fire accident.

The cause of many explosions and fire accidents can ultimately be traced back to someone’s negligence.  Defective materials may have caused the accident, or a property owner may have neglected safety standards.  Our accident lawyers have the resources to get to the bottom of what happened.

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Maybe you were injured in a work-related explosion or fire accident or simply as an innocent bystander of the accident.  You need the best possible injury lawyer by your side to look out for your best interests. All accidents are unique—as are the injuries sustained by every single client.  

At Rubin, Glickman, Steinberg, and Gifford, our Bristol, PA accident lawyers are here to make sure you get the financial help you deserve. To schedule your free consultation, you can call our office or contact us online to discuss options in your explosion or fire accident case today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Explosion & Fire Accident Claims in PA

FAQ: How much compensation can I receive if I was injured in an explosion or fire accident?

The amount will vary based on the circumstances. Workers’ compensation benefits are based on a formula. Benefits will cover about 2/3 of your average weekly wages up to a cap that changes slightly every year. Your medical expenses will also be covered. In a third-party personal injury lawsuit, you can also get compensation for:

-the rest of your lost wages,
-future medical care,
-lost future wages,
-property damage,
-and more subjective costs, such as pain and suffering and emotional distress.

In these cases we can work with experts—both financial and medical—to estimate the fair amount that the negligent party should have to pay.

FAQ: What if an insurance company adjuster contacts me after the fire or explosion? What should I do?

Be polite, but refrain from signing anything or making any statements. Simply tell the adjuster that you would like to speak to your lawyer first. You might not know the cause of your accident—but it’s possible that someone else does. If the insurance company is attempting to get a statement or wants to offer a settlement, it’s even more likely that they already have a sense of what caused the accident. An initial settlement likely won’t be fair, and we can take over negotiations with the insurance company to work toward a full settlement.