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Product liability, which refers to a manufacturer or seller being held liable for placing a defective product into the hands of a consumer, is the cause of thousands of injuries each year in the United States. When you buy a product, you should be able to expect that you won’t be injured because of a safety defect. While product designers and manufacturers have a legal duty to ensure that all products they’re putting on the market are reasonably safe for consumers, that doesn’t always occur. In far too many cases, companies put profits over people and rush unsafe and defective products onto the market.

If you were hurt by an unsafe product, the negligent product designer or product manufacturer should be held legally liable for your damages. However, actually obtaining fair compensation can be difficult, especially if you decide to take on a big company alone. Our Southeastern Pennsylvania product liability lawyers can help you fight for the money that you deserve, including medical bills, physical or psychological rehabilitation, lost wages, pain and suffering, and mental anguish.

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Thousands of innocent people are hurt or killed by dangerous or defective products every year. At Rubin, Glickman, Steinberg & Gifford P.C., we help those injured by dangerous or defective products seek the financial compensation they need and deserve. With more than six decades of experience, our firm is equipped to handle any serious personal injury case.

The Types of Product Liability Cases

The first step toward earning the compensation you deserve from the at-fault party involves determining whether you have a viable claim. Defective product cases typically fall into three categories: defective manufacture, defective design, and failure to provide adequate warnings or instructions concerning the proper use of the product. We’ve broken down what you need to know about each category.

Defective Manufacturing

Perhaps the most common type of product liability claim involves products that are defectively manufactured. A manufacturing defect might arise from an error on the assembly line at the factory that makes a certain product different from all others in its line. For example, a car accident caused by malfunctioning brakes might have resulted from an error in making that specific set of brakes.

Defective Product Design

Sometimes, an entire line of products suffers from a problem that makes it unreasonably dangerous. The way a product is designed is critical to how it will function when it’s put together. If there’s a flaw or mistake in the design, that error will likely have repercussions throughout the product’s life. Part of showing that a design was unsafe may involve showing that there was a safer alternative that could have been made at a reasonable cost.

Warning and Instruction Defects

Also called “marketing defects,” these mistakes are centered around actions in the supply chain. In other words, the product was properly designed, but it didn’t have the correct instructions or warnings. This lack of guidance made the product unreasonably dangerous to its intended consumers. Some examples of a failure to warn include a medication that causes vomiting if not taken with a glass of water, a child’s chair meant to clamp onto a table that falls if not installed correctly, or a saw that causes injury if a person’s hand isn’t in the correct place.

An experienced defective product lawyer in Montgomery County will be able to determine whether you have a viable case and can begin gathering evidence to support your claim.

Who Is Responsible for Injuries Caused by a Defective Product in Pennsylvania?

If you’ve been injured by a product and you want to recover your losses, you’ll first need to identify who might be liable and name them as defendants in your lawsuit. As a general rule, you’ll want to look at all parties involved in the product’s chain of distribution, which is the path that the product takes from manufacture to distribution to customer. In most cases, the at-fault party will be the manufacturer, retailer, wholesaler, or distributor. An expert criminal defense lawyer can help you determine who may be liable for your injuries based on the circumstances of your case.

A product can be defective or dangerous for a variety of reasons. Whether it has a major design defect, a manufacturing error, or an inadequate warning regarding the use of the product, a defective product could lead to serious injury or even wrongful death. If this is the case, it’s important that you partner with a defective product lawyer who can help you establish which member in the chain of distribution should be held liable.

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Our Montgomery County defective products lawyers primary objective is to secure full and fair compensation for your serious losses. Our lawyers are prepared to assist with dangerous or defective cases involving:

  • Household cleaners and groceries
  • Medications and health/beauty products
  • Electronics and power tools
  • Toys without proper warning labels
  • Paint and other toxins
  • Personal and commercial vehicles

We understand that each defective product case is unique and presents its own set of complex legal issues. When you partner with our firm, we’ll take the time to get to know you and understand the impact that the injuries have had on your life. We’ll also invest significant time and resources into consulting with experts and specialists in the relevant fields to prepare a strong and persuasive case.

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At Rubin, Glickman, Steinberg & Gifford P.C., our product liability attorneys are well versed in the laws that protect consumers against the harm posed by defective products. When a consumer sustains an injury due to a defective product, a number of parties can be held liable for releasing a product that they knew or should have known posed a risk to users. If you or a loved one has been injured by the use of or exposure to a defective product, you deserve justice.

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