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The economy in Southeastern Pennsylvania is booming—as evidenced by construction projects, new warehouses and retail stores in Philadelphia and throughout the region.  Forklifts are designed to effectively move heavy materials throughout these work sites. While these valuable vehicles save time and money, they also present their own dangers.  Forklift accidents result in approximately 100 fatalities annually—and countless more are injured by these vehicles, sometimes catastrophically.

When you’re injured in a work forklift accident or as a bystander, you may be entitled to monetary compensation.  At Rubin, Glickman, Steinberg, and Gifford, our lawyers have provided top-level legal representation to accident victims for over 65 years.  Over the decades, we’ve recovered millions of dollars in compensation for accident victims who have once stood in your shoes. Our award-winning lawyers are ready to put our unparalleled track record of success to work for you. 

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Dangers of Operating a Forklift on Construction and Work Sites

Construction and work equipment can prove dangerous for any number of reasons.  Forklifts are one especially dangerous piece of equipment because of the way they are designed and used.  Some of the inherent dangers that can lead to forklift accidents include:

  • Vehicle size.  Forklifts often weigh up to 9,000 pounds—so when a forklift is involved in an accident, the results are bound to be serious.
  • Driver perspective.  Forklifts—as the name suggests—are often used to move materials around a construction site or raise them onto the worksite.  The materials themselves may obstruct the forklift operator’s view, rendering the operator unable to react to prevent accidents.
  • Weight distribution.  Materials hoisted by a forklift are often distributed unevenly.  This, combined with the size and shape of the forklift, make it possible for the forklift to tip over and cause injury.
  • Design.  Brakes on a forklift are usually only located in the front of the machine.  This can make it more difficult for the forklift to stop quickly to prevent an accident.

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Additional elements that can contribute to the cause of a forklift accident include:

  • Inadequate communication between forklift operator and other workers at the site,
  • Improper training of the forklift operator,
  • Failure to properly inspect and maintain the forklift,
  • Speeding or joyriding,
  • Allowing other workers to ride on the forklift,
  • Driving the forklift with an elevated load.

You may be facing a long road to recovery after a forklift accident.  These construction accidents may cause brain damage, spinal cord damage, broken bones, internal injuries and more.  Before taking any action, speak with our forklift accident lawyers to avoid forfeiting your right to fair compensation.

Tested PA Construction Accident Lawyers Handle All Types of Forklift Accident Cases

Forklifts are often used on construction sites, in factories and in “big box” retail stores.  Other workers and shoppers are often present in the near vicinity of these machines. Forklift accidents pose a danger both to the operator and to these bystanders.  Our accident lawyers handle all types of forklift accident cases, including those involving:

  • Crush injuries,
  • Injuries sustained from objects falling from the forklift,
  • Forklift rollover accidents,
  • Workers or bystanders struck by the forklift itself,
  • Injuries sustained when the operator falls from the forklift,
  • Defects in the composition of the forklift itself,
  • Scaffolding and ladder falls caused by a forklift collision.

Experienced Construction Accident Lawyers Offer Proven, Effective Legal Advocacy for Forklift Accident Victims in Southeastern Pennsylvania

At Rubin, Glickman, Steinberg, and Gifford, we’re committed to making sure you receive top-level medical care and full compensation for your injuries.  Our construction accident lawyers will thoroughly investigate your case to fight for compensation for:

  • Any medical expenses not reimbursed by insurance or workers’ comp,
  • The cost of future medical care,
  • The cost of rehabilitative care and physical therapy,
  • Lost wages,
  • Lost future earning capacity,
  • Pain and suffering,
  • Loss of the company of your loved one if the forklift accident resulted in death.

Most work accidents give you the right to workers’ compensation benefits.  Unfortunately, workers’ compensation doesn’t always provide enough compensation—especially if you were seriously injured.  We will investigate to determine whether a third-party claim is possible to recover full compensation in your case.

A third-party claim is a lawsuit filed against someone who is not your employer, but who may have been responsible for the accident.  For example, third-party claims may be available for:

Forklift accidents caused by a defect in the machine: a third-party defective products lawsuit may be available against the manufacturer. 

Forklift accidents caused by dangerous conditions on the property: a third-party premises liability claim may be available against the property owner.

Our primary responsibility to you is to work tirelessly to discover every way to recover the most possible compensation for your injuries.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Forklift Accident Claims

FAQ: What types of training requirements apply to forklift operators?

To prevent forklift accidents, OSHA requires that forklift operators receive training at various intervals:

-Every three years,
-After any “near miss” forklift accident,
-Anytime the forklift driver is observed driving the forklift dangerously, or
-When changing from one type of forklift to another.

To operate a forklift, a worker must obtain OSHA certification first. Further, the operator is required to inspect the forklift for any damage before operating the vehicle.

FAQ: What can bystanders do to avoid being injured in a forklift accident?

While the employer has a duty to provide safety protections, bystanders can also take steps to protect their own safety when forklifts are around. Avoid walking underneath the forklift when the load is lifted. If possible, avoid the immediate area surrounding a forklift altogether. If you must pass closely by the forklift, attempt to make eye contact or communicate with the operator to ensure that you are seen.