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According to OSHA, over 50,000 people are injured because of falling objects every year—and hundreds of construction workers are killed annually in falling object accidents.  These numbers are shocking considering the preventable nature of falling object accidents at work. 

If you or a loved one have found yourself victim of a falling object accident in Bucks County or Southeast Pennsylvania, the lawyers at Rubin, Glickman, Steinberg, and Gifford are here to help.  We fight for your right to fair compensation for your injuries so you don’t have to. After all, recovering from a falling object accident can be painful and exhausting—you have enough on your plate.

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You’ve already been victim to an accident likely caused by someone else’s neglect.  We’re here to make sure you aren’t made a victim a second time. 

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Most Falling Object Accidents Are Entirely Preventable

Most falling object accidents can be prevented by following safety rules enacted to prevent these accidents.  Those rules may include placing safety nets to catch falling tools or railings to prevent larger objects or workers from falling from a roof or scaffold.  Falling object cases commonly involve:

  • Unsecured equipment or tools that fall from elevated work sites,
  • Faulty equipment, such as the hooks and cords used to prevent falling objects,
  • Scaffolding or ladder collapses onto workers or pedestrians below,
  • Lack of hard hats and protective gear for workers below,
  • Roof collapses,
  • Falling debris,
  • Failure to clearly designate a dangerous work zone to notify pedestrians,
  • Workers who fall from a ladder, roof or scaffolding onto someone below.

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Although these examples may indicate otherwise, the falling object involved in the accident doesn’t have to be large or heavy.  When gravity comes into play, even the smallest falling object can prove destructive. Scientists estimate that gravity adds about 22 miles per hour every second that an object is falling through the air—meaning that you might be injured by something as small as a falling nail.

Although many Pennsylvania falling object accidents are construction-related, construction workers are far from the only people at risk.  Falling object accidents threaten:

  • Pedestrians, shoppers and anyone passing by a work site,
  • Retail workers,
  • Cooks and other food preparers,
  • Factory workers,
  • Stock associates,
  • Laborers who work in non-construction industries.

Injuries Caused by Falling Object Accidents Can be Serious or Even Fatal

Unfortunately, falling object accident injuries are often severe.  In some cases, the momentum gained by a heavy object can cause catastrophic injuries or death.  Our labor accident lawyers have handled numerous cases where injuries can range from:

  • Traumatic brain injuries,
  • Penetrating skull wounds,
  • Crushed vertebrae and other spinal cord injuries,
  • Broken bones,
  • Face and eye injuries,
  • Paralysis,
  • Puncture wounds and serious lacerations.

Our Talented Accident Lawyers Fight to Establish Your Right to Compensation After a Falling Object Accident

To be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits if you were injured in a falling object accident at work, you only have to show:

  • You were an employee (and not an independent contractor),
  • You were injured at work,
  • Your injuries occurred in the course of your employment,
  • You notified your supervisor in a timely manner.

If you were simply passing by the construction site and injured by a falling object, it’s necessary to show that someone was negligent.  Similarly, negligence must be established in a work accident lawsuit against a non-employer, third-party defendant. Once we uncover the responsible party, establishing that negligence requires that we show:

  • A duty of care existed (the responsible party had a duty to exercise caution to keep others safe),
  • The responsible party breached that duty by acting carelessly,
  • The breach of duty caused your injury, and
  • You suffered damages as a result of the injury.

Although workers’ compensation benefits are available regardless of fault or negligence, the monetary damages available in a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit are more far-reaching.  If you were injured in a work accident, workers’ compensation will cover about 2/3 of your lost weekly wages, medical expenses and wrongful death damages. 

In a personal injury case, our accident lawyers will fight to recover compensation for:

  • All unreimbursed medical expenses associated with the falling object accident (current and future),
  • Rehab, care in a nursing facility and/or in-home care,
  • Your full lost wages,
  • Diminished future earning potential,
  • Pain and suffering,
  • Emotional distress,
  • And more.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Falling Object Accident Claims in PA

FAQ: I know what caused the falling object accident that injured me. It’s pretty clear that If I’m only eligible for workers’ compensation, why do I need a lawyer?

Although workers’ compensation benefits may seem simple to obtain, complications arise all the time. One simple mistake in your paperwork or missing a filing deadline can result in denial of your claim. Our lawyers know how stressful even a delay in receiving your benefits can be. We work to make sure you receive your benefits on-time and that your benefits are calculated correctly. Importantly, even if you think you aren’t entitled to added benefits, your injury might have been impacted by a third party’s actions. In this case, our lawyers can help you to pursue additional compensation.

FAQ: How can a lawyer help determine who was responsible for my falling object accident?

We work with experts and independently investigate to find the cause of the accident. What this means can vary from case to case. We talk to witnesses and evaluate the site where your injury occurred. Inspecting the safety equipment used on the job site can also be valuable to establishing liability. Usually, some type of contractual agreement exists between your employer and various third parties. If one of those parties breached the contract and failed to execute the required precautions to keep you safe, that can be useful in pinpointing liability.