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Divorce is a difficult, traumatic experience for every couple who has come to the decision that their marriage must end. Everyone deserves a compassionate and dedicated divorce attorney who can provide the experienced legal representation you need to protect your interests throughout the divorce process. Even though you and your spouse may have agreed to amicably end your marriage, the fact remains that complications can easily arise during a divorce. Emotions often are injected into the process, making a resolution of issues such as child custody, separation of assets, and payment of support difficult. If your personal relationship with your spouse has already soured by the time you decide to get a divorce, these issues can become exponentially more difficult to resolve.

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The dedicated Ambler, PA divorce attorneys of Rubin, Glickman, Steinberg, & Gifford can help you understand the complications you may face as you decide to proceed with a divorce. We will walk you through all of your legal options in a divorce case and ensure that you make informed, rational decisions, which will help your divorce proceed more smoothly. Our lawyers will fight to ensure that you receive a fair and favorable resolution of all the issues that are to be resolved in a divorce proceeding, such as child custody, alimony, and equitable distribution.

The Importance of Fault in Divorce Cases

Nowadays, the divorce laws allow married couples to obtain a divorce without first proving that one or both parties were “at fault” or caused the failure of the marriage. Instead, couples can file for a “no-fault” divorce in which the parties allege that their marriage is “irretrievably broken” or that they have “irreconcilable differences”. Effectively, you are saying that you and your spouse are estranged and have no hope for reconciliation. A no-fault divorce requires both spouses to consent to the no-fault divorce, or requires both parties to live separately from one another for more than one year if one party wishes to seek a no-fault divorce without the consent of the other party.

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When a no-fault divorce is consented to by both spouses, they must fulfill the following filing procedures:

  • File a complaint with the court, in which the couple alleges that an irretrievable breakdown of the marriage is the reason they seek divorce
  • File an affidavit from each spouse that sets forth their consent to the divorce
  • Observe a 90-day waiting period from the date of the filing of your complaint (unless you have already been separated for at least one year)

If you wish to seek a divorce based on your separation from your spouse, in addition to showing that you have lived separately from your spouse for at least one year, you must also have communicated to your spouse your intent to end the marriage.

Of course, the divorce laws still permit a spouse to obtain a divorce based on the fault of the other spouse. Fault-based grounds for divorce include:

  • Abandonment without cause for at least one year
  • Adultery
  • Cruel treatment, such as domestic violence
  • Imprisonment for more than two years following a conviction for a crime
  • Bigamy or polygamy
  • Infliction of humiliation that makes the marriage intolerable

Finally, it should be noted that divorce is not final until a court issues a final decree in divorce.

Our Ambler Divorce Lawyers Provide Compassionate and Effective Representation

The experienced divorce attorneys of Rubin, Glickman, Steinberg, & Gifford provide our clients with compassionate and effective representation to clients in Ambler. This effective legal representation includes providing our clients with the legal options that are most likely to succeed and offer the best possible outcome. We help our clients resolve the various issues that must be resolved in any divorce, such as:

  • Child custody Ambler, PA
  • Child support Ambler, PA
  • Alimony Ambler, PA
  • Equitable distribution of marital assets and liabilities Ambler, PA
  • Implementation of pre-nuptial or post-nuptial agreements

Whether you are merely considering a divorce, or have learned that your spouse is considering divorce or has already filed a complaint, we can help you protect your interests and rights throughout the entire divorce process. Going through a divorce and need a legal attorney? Contact our divorce attorney in Ambler for legal representation. We are here to fight for your legal rights!

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Frequently Asked Questions about Divorce

FAQ: How long does a divorce proceeding in Ambler take?

No two divorces are the same. The length of any divorce proceeding depends on multiple factors specific to each family. In the Pennsylvania courts, a divorce can go from filing to a final decree in as little as four months. However, the shortest divorce proceedings usually involve situations where the parties both consent to the divorce, have no assets to divide, no children for whom custody or support must be determined, and who waive alimony. Even if you and your spouse arrive at a settlement, it can still take weeks or months for a judge to sign off on the settlement and issue a judgment. Ultimately, the length of your divorce will depend on how quickly you and your spouse can settle any issues that must be decided, and the court’s caseload.

FAQ: What are the implication of the tax laws on alimony?

New tax laws regarding alimony only impact how payments are taxed at the federal level. They do not impact the availability of alimony under Pennsylvania law. However, the new tax rules may allow our divorce attorneys to successfully argue for a reduction in the amount of alimony you should be required to pay. The court will also consider a number of other factors in determining whether you or your spouse should pay alimony and how much the payment should be, including your and your spouse’s respective financial situations, how long you were both married, the standard of living you both enjoyed during your marriage, and whether either spouse needs alimony to maintain the approximate standard of living or even to pay for necessities.