Montgomery County Child Pornography Attorney

Nearly every single one of us uses the internet on a daily basis. Whether it is for work-related tasks or to read about what is happening in Philadelphia, there are hundreds of ways to pass time online.

However, some of those uses can raise the suspicion of law enforcement. Both state and federal agencies have become much more aggressive with their investigations into the possession and distribution of child pornography.

To track those who have access to these images and videos, officials look for each item’s digital fingerprint. File-sharing services are frequently targeted by investigators, as users of these types of systems can post images or movies online, and allow other users to access and then transmit the items.

If an investigation turns up one of these known images, police can then begin to investigate the person who owns the computer. Officers will turn to Internet Service Provider (ISP) records to determine that a particular computer was used to access the images.

Problems may arise during this part of the investigation. What if the computer is shared between several individuals? Who is it that was actually using the system to access or download the images? And what happens if people have wireless internet access? If the system is not password-protected, other computers in range may steal the signal. These users can then access child pornography, and the investigation may take a long time to uncover the actual parties responsible.

If you have been accused of a child-pornography related offense, speak to an experienced criminal defense attorney at Rubin, Glickman, Steinberg and Gifford to understand the charges you are facing. These are serious accusations, and will have an impact on the rest of your life. You need to know what options are available to you, and learn the information that will allow you to make a decision that is in your best interests.